A New Bridge Opens in Chitral to Mark Pakistan-Italy Friendship

A suspension bridge was inaugurated in Chitral named the Pakistan-Italy friendship bridge, which aims to solve the problem of rural isolation.

A suspension bridge was inaugurated in Chitral’s Khairabad village, named as Pakistan-Italy friendship bridge which aims to solve the problem of rural isolation that has been taking a toll on the community for a long time. The yearly heavy rainfall makes the situation worse.

According to the official statement, “Residents were deprived of crucial socio-economic opportunities because of adverse conditions and limited mobility. The bridge has been constructed in partnership with the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) and the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) under the Programme for Poverty Reduction (PPR) by an Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) Pakistan”.

The Khairabad area comprises five villages (KhaiabadKhas, ThokJal, Dhap, Junali, Camp) while there are other villages connected to villages of Kol, Wardhap, and WardhapPayeen. According to the reports, many hundreds of households will benefit from the recent development. The recent flash floods have caused these communities to be cut off from the main centers.

Pak-Italy Friendship Bridge' inaugurated in Chitral

The project was organized by AICW, and the bridge has been named “Pakistan-Italy Friendship Bridge” to acknowledge the effort made by the organization. According to the Director of AICS, Pakistan, Emanuela Benini. “The AICS aspires to lay the stone for a strong developed- mental network in Pakistan and this bridge is the first step towards it. The bridge will enable the local community to have better access to health and educational facilities just like other communities in the district”.

Moreover, Shams Badruddin, the head of the infrastructure for PPAF also contributed to this and added that developmental projects allow the local people access to health and education in Chitral which enables the improvement of the socio-economic conditions in the region.

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