eMagine Hosts STEAM Xtreme in Collaboration with Kifayat Publishers

e-Magine, in collaboration with Kifayat Publishers, hosted their first ever invite-only STEAM education showcase event known as ‘STEAM Xtreme’

On the 10th of April 2021, e-Magine, a Karachi based educational and youth development start-up in collaboration with Kifayat Publishers hosted their first ever invite-only STEAM education showcase event known as ‘STEAM Xtreme’. – an initiative that seeks to encourage children and adults alike to engage themselves in xtreme emagination, creation and learning.

Designed in more of an open-house setup, the whole aim of the event was to provide an adventurous, active, along with a SOP compliant experience for all. We did this by enabling everyone to get their hands on some super friendly and safe robotic kits, scientific equipment, as well as, mathematical interactive learning tools. For, our goal was, and is, to provide our participants with a glimpse into the exciting opportunities and adventures that the world of STEAM education presents.

After all, by offering collaborative working opportunities our team aspires to foster the incorporation of a culture of a more ‘learning by doing approach’, as compared to the age old theoretical and rote learning methods. This enables our youth to not only build upon their teamwork and networking skills; but also, hone other important competencies such as critical thinking, finding innovative solutions to real world problems, and learning to accept not so favourable outcomes as part of the growing process.

In order to support this initiative organizations such as Viper Technology, Biz Today, Shakarganj Food Products, Mc Donald’s, Billboard Pakistan, Zavia Solutions, Runway Pakistan, EMA Enterprises, PR Stargazers along with several other firms that share our vision sponsored this event.

Moreover, the evening was graced by some highly esteemed guests including individuals such as Mr. Ghayas Ahmedani (the CEO of Zavia Solutions),  Mr. Ansar Bhesania (the CEO of Bobby Furniture), Mrs. Javeria Irfan (a prominent and well-renowned influencer), and many other distinguished members of the local business community.

To bring a close to the day’s proceedings, the evening was wrapped up by Ms. Huda Garib (CEO of e-Magine) alongside Mr. Rehan Saeed (a director at Kifatayat Publications) distributing certificates and goody bags to our participants as means of acknowledging their efforts.

What is interesting to note is, that to have witnessed such high levels of enthusiasm and excitement regarding this very venture, even in such unprecedent times, are undoubtedly signs of a population showing the willingness to change the way we teach and learn.

For, in the words of the founding members behind it all “the aim of e-STEAM Xtreme is not just to highlight the efforts of a single individual; but instead, to provide growth opportunities for us all, as together we strive towards becoming great ambassadors of not only this nation; but, the global community as a whole”.

They even went on highlight, that while due to ongoing pandemic the team was unfortunately unable to conduct the event on as wide a spectrum as they would have wanted to cater to a bigger audience; this certainly was not a one-off affair.

Instead, their message to all is “that regardless of the position you hold –  be it a school owner, an educationist, a student, a parent, a social media enthusiast, a member from the corporate sector, and / or are part of any other vertical in our society; remember, you are never to small to make a difference! In fact, with your support, we look forward to Inshallah conducting such initiatives nationwide at a much larger scale. Thus, we urge you to please step forward and be a part of the STEAM Xtreme Community!”

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