Meera Jee Responds to Mental Asylum News

Meera Jee has turned down rumours that she suffered from a mental breakdown, finding herself institutionalised in an American asylum. 

Last week a provocative rumour broke out on the internet, and soon it spread like wildfire. The rumour was that the infamous Meera Jee had suffered from a mental breakdown, finding herself institutionalised in an American asylum.

The rumour stemmed from a flimsy transcript of Meera’s conversation with a doctor being forwarded on WhatsApp. However, all of this was proven false.

Meera detained in US after being termed 'mentally unstable' by doctor - Entertainment - Dunya News

One of the first actors to step in and comment on the situation was Imran Abbas who had been contacted by Meera herself. He took to his social media to turn down the false information. Meera informed him of the falsehood in the news, and how she felt seriously upset about people’s insensitivity with such ‘practical jokes.

The self-proclaimed PR professional Freiha Altaf felt it was great PR for her to laugh at the false news and upload a video of it on her social media. She found Meera’s news so hysterical, she felt it necessary to inform her yoga partners, who she was sitting with atop a mountain.

Meera post after the spread of these rumours comes as a passive-aggressive warning for the insensitive people we live and are surrounded amongst. It is impossible to fully comprehend or imagine the hurt this entire event would have caused.

Meera’s post reads “No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all” and it’s a message for all of us.

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