The Transgender Community Breaks Barriers: Trans Woman Opens Shop

The transgender community has been turned away from employment for a very long time. However, Jiya, a trans woman has broken these barriers by opening up her own tailor shop.

The transgender community has been on the brink of harassment and being turned away from any source of employment for a very long time. These people have long occupied the mythological and socio-biological grey zone in the country. However, recently a transgender woman, Jiya, has broken these instilled barriers and has opened up her own tailor shop, which caters to women and transgender women.

Jiya, 35, goes by a single name like other transgender people in the country, where she dreams of expanding her horizons and making a living for herself through her talent and efforts. Initially, many landlords were reluctant to give a shop to a transgender woman in the port city as the transgender community is looked down at by the people.

But she was finally able to secure one in a new market, which she opened up along with two other transgender women in March. With Eid around the corner, she hopes to see sales surge because people get new clothes made for the Eid festive every year.

Trans Woman Sets up a Tailor Shop, Breaking Barriers-Runway Pakistan

She claims that “We want to expand this business. We want a boutique with Eastern and Western designs, all types of dresses,”. Many of her customers are women, who said they preferred that a transgender woman makes their clothes, a change from most other tailoring shops run by men.

A customer also exclaimed, “I felt comfortable while she took my measurements”.

Pakistan’s parliament recognized the third gender back in 2018, due to which the transgender community of the country was finally extended fundamental rights, including the ability to vote and choose their gender on official documents.

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