Ethnic’s Suraj Ghar is the ‘Rozana’ Wear That You Should Have

Ethnic's Suraj Ghar, is a 'Rozana' collection that takes us back to simpler and happier times and everyone must embody it in their everyday wear.

Ethnic’s collaboration with Maria Unera on the Mera Afsana collection was a tribute towards womanhood, representing their power entailing them to be extraordinary even on the most ordinary days. With that being said, Ethnic has once again graced us with a release that takes us back to simpler and happier times, with Ethnic’s Suraj Ghar, which is a ‘Rozana’ (every day) collection that everyone must embody in their everyday wear.

The idea behind Ethnic’s Suraj Ghar is a house that illuminates with sunshine that is infinite, with its rays simmering over every little inch and cornerstone, brimming it with light and happiness. Suraj Ghar is the home that everyone envisages, where the grass is evergreen and every corner of the Ghar is filled with unsubdued happiness and joy. It is the essence that makes up a home and in this chaotic world, it is usually these simple things that create the beautiful vibes that people want in their safe haven.

Thereby, keeping everything in mind, we are presented with Ethnic’s Suraj Ghar ‘Rozana’ collection which embodies summer days, where we lay back and get away from all the pressures of the world, going back to our carefree days. The following are some pieces from the collection.


The Rozana collection embodies airy cuts, solid colors & intricate minimal embroideries that make these ensembles a summer necessity and aesthetic. With the scorching heat that has been going around, it gets difficult to look trendy. But these airy cuts are the perfect blend for this weather, as well as these colors are just what we needed to remind us of the summer hues. The collection provides the perfect summer staple for everyone.

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