Putin Offers Pakistan Blank Cheque

Putin in a message delivered to the Pakistani leadership through his FM has said Russia is open to any cooperation with Pakistan.

The President of Russia, Putin in a message delivered to the Pakistani leadership through his Foreign Minister, Lavrov has said that Russia is open to any cooperation stating: “Whatever Pakistan needs Russia is ready for it.”

The Russian Foreign Minister’s visit to Pakistan comes after a gap of nine years.

A senior Pakistani official who attended the closed-door meeting between the Russian foreign minister and Pakistani authorities said, “Russian president offered us a blank cheque.”

The Pakistani official also stated that Russia had communicated to Pakistan through their diplomat that Moscow would help Islamabad in any manner.

“If you’re interested in gas pipelines, corridors, defence or any other cooperation, Russia stands ready for it,” FM Lavrov was quoted as saying when asked what he meant by “blank cheque”.

Russia and Pakistan are already working on the North-South gas pipeline project. The two nations had signed an agreement in 2015 to develop this pipeline project from Karachi to Lahore. It is estimated to cost $2 billion.

Russia Archives | Worldcentre Kuwait.

Pakistan, Russia sign revised gas pipeline deal

Russia is also interested in reviving the Pakistan Steel Mills, and other projects in Pakistan. Russia is expected to be willing to make an $8 billion investment in different areas in Pakistan.

“It is now up to us to follow up this successful visit,” the official claimed.

The Russian Foreign Minister in a joint news conference with Pakistani counterpart said that Moscow was ready to supply Pakistan with “special military equipment” to enhance its security. It is now hoped that Putin visits Pakistan to solidify the Pakistan-Russian bilateral relationship.

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