5 Sehri Meals to help Stay Active in Ramadan

Sehri is the most important meal in Ramadan because it is what our body thrives on. Here are 5 Sehri meals to help stay active in Ramadan.

The Holy month of Ramadan is here and we are all set to stuff ourselves during Sehri and Iftar with our beloved samosas and jalebis and anda parathas. But when it comes to the food we eat throughout Ramadan, Sehri is the most important meal for everyone because it is what our body will thrive on for an entire day. It provides us with fluids and energy that we need to function through the day and hereby, we should be very particular about having suhoor and making sure we eat appropriately. Here are 5 items that we should include in our Sehri meals to stay active in Ramadan.

The trick is to drink plenty of fluids and choose fluid-rich foods to make sure you are well hydrated for the day ahead. Go for starchy foods for energy, choosing high fibre or wholegrain varieties where possible as these keep you feeling fuller and can aid digestion. Below are some examples of foods that are best suited for suhoor.

Fruit Smoothie

A mixture of chia seeds, yoghurt, fruits and ice blend provides nutrition to keep you going throughout the day.


Oats are whole grains and a source of fibre that slows down the release of energy, keeping you full for a longer period of time. Oats are usually cooked in milk or water and then drizzled with honey, dried fruits and berries to top it all off.


Eggs are considered to be a healthy source of protein and vitamin D. They keep your stomach full for the rest of the day and you can eat them depending on your preference.

Breakfast Cereal

High fibre breakfast cereals provide plenty of fibre and are often filled with vitamins and minerals, providing extra nutrients. People usually take them with milk, which enables you to also get nutrients like calcium.


Bread is also another option for the suhoor meal but when it comes to bread always go for brown bread as they contain more nutrients than white bread. Avoid combining bread with salty foods like hard cheese, or preserved meats. You could try nut butter (without added salt), soft cheese, or banana.

What to avoid at Suhoor

Refined Carbohydrates

White flour, sugary items, doughnuts, chips are the food items that cannot be sustained throughout the day and thereby, should be avoided.

Salty and Spicy Food

Food that contains excessive amounts of salt and spice can make you feel really thirsty during the fast. Thereby, it is essential that you avoid such foods.

Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea can make you dehydrated throughout the day so it is best if such drinks are avoided during suhoor.

The following provided you with Sehri meals to stay active in Ramadan, hopefully, they will help you be up and running throughout your fast.

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