Advanced Yet Economical Smart Locks in Pakistan

With the progression of technology, it is suitable to replace conventional door locking systems with advanced smart locks. 

In households, security is a top priority. To secure your house completely, it is important to check your door locks regularly. With the progression of technology, it is suitable to replace conventional door locking systems with advanced smart locks.

If you are looking to upgrade the door locks of your house, then here are the five best and most popular types of smart locks in Pakistan that are economical as compared to their expensive competitors in the market.

The most recent addition to the list of locks in Pakistan is the digital/ smart locks which provide real benefit and with the highest form of security to home and business owners. The best part of digital locks is the several ways they can be unlocked; you can either use a key, a unique passcode, or remote control. They are among the types of locks in Pakistan that have become extremely popular these days.

1- Touch Screen WiFi Smart Lock

LOCKVEL Touch Screen WiFi Smart Lock, Fingerprint/ Bluetooth/ Password/ Card/ Key Unlock

LOCKVEL has digital locks with multiple unlock modes- Password, Fingerprint, RFID Card, Mechanical key, WIFI, Bluetooth or APP Remote Control.

The touch screen keypad allows you to see crystal clear numbers at night and the virtual password, prevent strangers from intruding and better protect privacy. There is also a break-in/ damage alarm.


2- 7000k Digital Door Lock

Epic Es-7000k Digital Door LockJBSaeed Studio offers these smart locks/ digital door locks. These have a smooth and modern look, with Pin, Biometric, RFID and emergency key entry options. The fine silver finish is suitable for any door. JBSaeed Studio Digital Locks come from Korea so they have the latest and most advanced technology. This is available for just Rs45,000 and is definitely a win for your money.





3- Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

Black - Smart Fingerprint Door Lock Security Intelligent Lock Biometric Electronic Wifi Door Lock With Bluetooth APP Unlock

This smart fingerprint lock has a special lock body, it is easy to install, supports APP unlocks, APP remote control through WiFi/Mobile Data links with a receiving range of 10-15m.

The product is available at Smart Device for Rs.56,195.

As the name suggests, the lock supports fingerprint, password, RFID card, the mechanical key unlocks.



4- Digital Lock for Glass Door – 303G GLASS DIGITAL DOOR LOCK

Epic Digital Lock for Glass Door The glass door digital lock is an ideal choice for glass doors in corporate settings. Manufactured with a modern design and strong body, featuring pin and RFID entry, the smart lock provides easy access through any door.

Some other features of the lock include a defect-free; strong sturdy door lock; strong & durable body components; Automatic lock; relock; dual lock features; random number feature and multi-touch number feature.


5- Digital Lock EF 8000L

Advanced Digital Lock Perfect for bedrooms and household security, this advanced digital smart lock is also available at JBSaeed Studios.

The unlocking choices vary from pin, biometric, RFID or an emergency key entry. This smart lock is also very easy to install.