A public service campaign to educate women about their legal rights in Pakistan

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy launches third animated short film from AAGAHI titled 'Know Your Nikahnama'


[Lahore, 29th October 2018] SOC Films has released the third animated short film from the series

“AAGAHI” titled “Know Your Nikahnama”.


AAGAHI is a public service campaign which aims to educate women about their legal rights in Pakistan. The third animated short film, “Know Your Nikahnama” explains the various sections in the Nikahnama, highlighting important information that the bride should know before she signs this legal document. The three- minute video discusses the rights that may be conferred to the bride via the Nikahnama: what is given in the Mehr, the right of divorce (Talak), and even the right to a predetermined monetary allowance the husband gives his wife every month, etc.


The video includes contact information for various helplines, counseling services, and legal support services available to people who may have questions about their Nikahnama.

AAGAHI is a series of 14 short animated films conceptualized, produced and directed by SOC Films, helmed by Two-Time Academy Award Winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, which cover topics such as the law, its interpretation and the safety that it provides to the victim. This will also include the legislation, as stated in the Pakistan Penal Code, and the various case laws, which have been passed or revised in the recent years.


One of Pakistan’s leading actresses, Aamina Sheikh has lent her voice for the series, which is also being shared free of cost with all news and media channels for dissemination across the country.

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