Afghan Taliban to Visit Pakistan

A delegation of Afghan Taliban will be visiting Islamabad today to discuss 'important issues' with the Country Officials.

Led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Afghan Taliban delegation is to visit Pakistan today. The meeting is to be held in the capital city, Islamabad. According to Taliban Spokesperson on twitter, Afghan Taliban have “important issues” to discuss with the Government Officials in Pakistan. On the contrary, Pakistan Government has provided the media with no statement on the meeting, as yet.

On Tuesday, October 1, Amb Zalmay Khalilzad, US Special Envoy for Afghan Reconciliation, arrived in Islamabad. He came to have a conversation with Pakistan Army and Political leadership, in order to bring in Afghan Taliban back in conversation. Not to forget, it was Donald Trump who called off negotiations in the first place. According to the sources, Pakistan has called in Taliban, as to convince them to get back on the negotiating table. With all the three in together, things might go in favor of the two countries.

The killing of 1 US Solider and 11 other people made things go array in POTUS’s mind. Trump paused the negotiations, all of a sudden, which somehow saddened the Afghan Taliban. On the other hand, Taliban officials denied to identify the assailant.

The War on Terror has made its awful impacts on Pakistan. US-Pakistan alliance to remove the Soviets from Afghanistan has been costing them economically, politically and socially till date. Pakistan’s involvement in Afghan Taliban’s governance in Afghanistan has obvious benefits to the country. USA, at one hand, wants to withdraw, but is unable to do so. A bit of a messed up situation this is, but hopefully, this meeting turns out to be a positive sign for all the countries involved.