Ali Zafar and Elon Musk Have an Intense Discussion on Twitter

The founder and CEO of Twitter appear to concur with the recommendations of Ali Zafar for enhancing global access to information.

There is a universe available for every scenario if you’ve heard of the idea of parallel realities. Ali Zafar and Elon Musk discuss social media tactics in one of those realities, but it’s not an alternate reality instead it is a reality for this Earth.

On Monday, the CEO and owner of Twitter released a poll asking if the video-sharing service Vine should make a comeback. The majority chose “yes.”

The prospect amused American YouTuber Mr Beast because TikTok, which became popular after Vine’s collapse, would likely have to compete with Vine. Musk, though, was being tactical when he questioned how Vine could surpass TikTok.

Ali Zafar, the world-famous Pakistani singer, had some lofty goals. He enumerated them, wanting to rip apart the fabric of the typical likes and follows and wanting to go even further by building an entire virtual universe. He suggested the new platform should have more generous rewards for content producers and should move past likes and following. “Enable them to build their own online digital empires. A world they can create, learn and earn from. Clubs. Rooms. Likeminded people connecting, creating, auctioning, selling, monetising, sharing,”  he added.

Ali Zafar also made a suggestion for Twitter, suggesting that the algorithms needed to be changed and that content needed to be made more widely available. According to him, it should be simpler for someone in the US to find information produced in Japan and vice versa. Although there are many active content creators in Japan who produce incredible stuff, relatively little of it is seen outside of the country, the Tesla CEO concurred.

A user questioned what was going on in the same Twitter conversation.

Others were astounded by the development in addition to them. Someone even called this world the Multiverse of Madness due to this crossover.

Some online users believed the singer was only portraying the Metaverse, which isn’t doing all that well, and weren’t very moved by the concept.

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