Ali Zafar to Help Struggling Musicians Amid Pandemic

Ali Zafar opens his doors to help anyone from the music industry who is struggling and mentioned that "strict confidentiality will be maintained"

During the pandemic, we have to take all precautionary measures necessary to keep ourselves safe. This includes the restrictions of lockdown to be taken seriously. But due to the lockdown, many industries are suffering as they have to shut their business to comply with the lockdown rules. This also includes the entertainment industry. Amidst this situation, Ali Zafar has announced that his doors are open to help.

Actors, musicians, artists and others belonging to the entertainment industry all over the world are suffering due to the pandemic. Movie products have come to a halt, there are no concerts and now shows being shot. This has affected the livelihood of many who belong to this industry. Ali Zafar’s statement recently mentioned that he’s ready to help anyone from the music fraternity who is struggling during these times.

Ali Zafar starts off by saying:

“Whenever we’re struck with a calamity, it is entertainment, especially the music industry that gets affected the most. Since the musician’s bread and butter is dependent on live and studio sessions, which are impossible in these times and may not happen for months or even a year, income is the first casualty,”

He further says:

“This is to reach out to anyone from the music fraternity who may be in dire need of important items such as food etc or may even know someone or their family who need urgent help, kindly inbox me or Taha Sadaqat. Strict confidentiality will be maintained, rest assured.”

It’s delightful to see big names like Ali Zafar opening their doors to help anyone in need from their fraternity. If more people did the same for their fellows then this lockdown wouldn’t be so harsh on many.

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