All Biopics in India to be Held Down

Elections in India are just around the corner and all those tactics that were being used by the politicians are going in vain.

As already said, Indian Politics are the dirtiest politics played. They are quite well aware of how to manipulate the Indian population, and they do that through every possible way. Indians are quite much into watching movies and they make an impression of anything through what they watch. Hence, just before general elections, Narendra Modi’s biopic was to be released on 11th April, starring Vivek Oberoi.

But now there a twist here. All the biopics that had to be released before Elections have been banned until the elections are over in India, so that it, anyhow, doesn’t create a biased opinion about anyone in a person’s mind. This action was taken by the Election Commission, who prior to the ban gave a notice to all the producers who were involved in production of any biopic. They had an immense amount of pressure from the opposition too, who were urging for the resignation of Prasoon Joshi, CBFC Chief, due to the release of the movie.

However, there is nothing like fair and clear elections in either of the third world countries, most probably, so even if the movie can’t make an effect on the elections, rigging will maybe.