All You Need To Know About Bykea

Bykea is a technology company which helps move people and parcels efficiently.

‘Bykea’ is a compact app for transportation, cash on deliveries and logistics. Their services help move individuals, payments and packages efficiently saving time and cash.

Bykea accentuation is of turning two of our riders’ significant resources – a cell phone and a bike – as a stipend and urging them to utilize their extra seats; the thought is that in the event that you have an extra seat on your bike, you ought to have the option to utilize it to give a ride to somebody.

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‘Bykea’ is a third the expense of a vehicle ride. On the off chance that you need to go anyplace quickly, there is no less expensive approach to get from one place to another than ‘Bykea’.
All passengers are given a helmet by our driver accomplices. Passengers are suppose to rate a driver accomplice from 1 to 5 stars on every bookings. The most considerate driver accomplices help clients drive in the most secure procedure.

Ticket purchases or bill payments happens in cash, at local bank, trip agents or a nearby mart. ‘Bykea’ changes that where payments would now be able to occur at your doorstep if you decide not to pay through your in-app wallet. A  driver will collect money from you and you will immediately get a confirmation of payment in your phone.

If you’re someone who normally needs to dispatch a package, Bykea provides adaptable and prompt conveyance with live tracking. Their GPS following programming enables the clients to follow precisely where their driver accomplice and package are anytime.

‘Bykea’ provides countless services to their customers, so download the app if you haven’t already. 


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