Best Places to Buy Kurti in Pakistan

Here's our list of all the places from where you can get the best and affordable kurtis. They're easily available and quality is too good.

Our national attire is ‘Shalwar Kameez’ which every Pakistani owns. It’s the perfect outfit for summers if the material is lightweight such as Lawn. Almost every clothing brand has kurtis in their collection, which you can mix and match. You can wear it with tulip pants, tights or straight pants. The combinations are endless and in this hot weather, one can rely on only these kurtis only!

There are many brands that are selling kurtis in Pakistan but here’s a list of the best ones:


Sapphire knows what’s in trend and what’s not. All of their collections are well sought and made to perfection. I personally love their kurtis because they have very vibrant and vivid colors. Their collection also has very cute & chic floral patterns which I absolutely love hence, I can call this one my go-to place. They’ve recently launched their new Winter Festive Collection this month and it seems mesmerizing. Their new winter collection will be launched pretty soon, which will contain all the warm and cozy outfits. I also want to add that they have very reasonable prices so that’s a plus point.

Kurti by Sapphire

Ethnic by Outfitters

Ethnic by Outfitters is also a very cool brand that has a very modern and desi ready-to-wear pieces. They have a mix of both in their line called fusion. Their fusion line has short frock style kurtis which can be worn over jeans or tights, whichever you prefer. They also have striking and bold colors, yet they are perfect to wear on a daily basis. I prefer the fusion line more than others because I’m very petite so they’re very easy to carry. They’re also launching a new collection named Portrait this month.

Kurti by Ethnic

J. | Junaid Jamshed

J. has clothes for everyone. They have clothes for women, teens, girls, boys and men. So your whole family can go and shop at a single store without having to look anywhere else. They have a modest collection that not too out there but looks good when you wear it. If someone doesn’t like floral and vibrant colors, then this is place is definitely a good spot to shop. Their designs are more subtle and sophisticated.

Kurti by J.

Nishat Linen

Nishat Linen has designs that are not too into the face and very elegant and graceful. Even in their new collection, they have very plain colors and different designs. I really love their freedom to buy category because you can either buy the shirt or the trouser; it’s really up to you. It’s different from what I’ve seen at other brands but if you’re looking for prints other than flowers and leaves.

Kurti by Nishat

Alkaram Studio

Alkaram Studio has recently revamped their brand by adding MAK. I’ll say this again about Alkaram Studio too if you like wearing light-colored kurtis that are more towards the minimalistic side, then you’ll find a lot of good quality ones here. The prices are also very affordable and you get very modern and stylish pieces. They have plain ones with no designs that you can wear to university or work and feel very breezy as the material for summer collection is not too thick. I really like their collection when I’m the mood for wearing something not too bright.

alkaram studio

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