Amjad Sabri’s Death Remains an Unbelievable Case

On 16th Ramadan 2016, Amjad Farid Sabri was assassinated on the roads of Karachi, and his death still makes us all sad.

Amjad Farid Sabri was born in Karachi on 23rd December 1970. Being Ghulam Farid Sabri’s son, Amjad Sabri had an enthralling voice. He was famous not only in Pakistan but was known for in other countries too. Since he started reciting naats and qawwalis, Amjad Sabri became an icon. In his last days, Amjad Sabri tried his best to be in every Ramadan Transmission and not to leave anyone disappointed. His hypnotic voice was the strength to qawwalis back then. There were different MUNs, Social Events, where he was invited as the lead Qawwal. And every time, there used to be an immense crowd that would just listen to him.

A person of great nature, mesmerizing voice, and amazing skillset was shot on 22nd June and 16th Ramadan 2016. And that surely was a sad day for Pakistan. Pakistan did lose a great asset that day. It is quite unclear why Amjad Sabri was martyred but it seemed like he had an idea. Was it mere coincidence or he had doubts, he recited a naat a day before he was shot. And that one naat left the whole country in tears.


Many reasons came up for why he was murdered. Apparently, those who murdered him were also caught according to CM Sindh, Murad Ali Shah. But no one knows the truth yet. All that we know is, that there wasn’t and there isn’t another one like him. And his absence is always felt, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

May God give Amjad Sabri the highest ranks in Jannat, and may he be provided with justice. Amen.

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