Another Child Suffers A Brutal Death In Pakistan

Pakistan is suffering yet another loss of an innocent child's life. The article explores the heinous rape and murder of seven year old Hooz Noor.

Child related violence is quite common in Pakistan. This can be exemplified by yet another horrific case of child rape and murder. The incident involved a defenseless seven year old child by the name of Hooz Noor. The young child was kidnapped and raped by two men in a town called Kaka Sahib.

The incident took place on Saturday, when the girl’s uncle reported to the police that she was missing after she had not returned home from the Madrasa. The family then launched a search mission to find the child. After frantically searching for the girl, the family had discovered her being strangled and drowned by the two men.

Hooz Noor was brutally kidnapped, raped and murdered. (Source: Sunday)


Fear of being caught the men threw the girl in a water tank and ran away. Despite the family’s attempt to save her, the poor young girl eventually succumbed to her wounds and passed away. The two men were arrested on Sunday by police officials after the men were handed over by the residents of the village.

Upon the arrest, Hooz Noor’s mother showed her displeasure at the inability of the police and government to protect her little girl. The mother herself wanted to personally deliver the punishment to the men who brutally raped and murdered her daughter.

Police arrest two men responsible for the heinous crimes. (Source: INC Pak)


The incident has sparked major outburst from everyone across the country. Prominent rights activists have used social media to express their outrage at the incident. They believe that the government has been ineffective in trying to combat the issue of child abuse and violence. They believe that this incident should be used as a catalyst to pass more stringent policies to ensure greater protection of minors.

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