Another woman loses her life by the hands of a family member

Despite the recent surge of support and empowerment for women against harassment and violence, it is still evidently present in our society. Men continue to believe they have a certain right over the female members of their family.

A man in Muzaffargarh shot his sister dead on Thursday night, 18th of October, for apparently refusing a marriage proposal that he approved of, according to sources within the Kandai police station.

When she rejected the proposal in favor of wanting to choose her own groom, the siblings into a heated argument which resulted in Shoaib shooting her and then fleeing, the police reports.

The woman’s body was sent to the Rural Health Centre for the post-mortem examinations and an FIR was registered against Shoaib.


Despite these efforts, we all know the end result will be Shoaib getting away with committing murder. It’s nothing uncommon in our country, where even the mere thought of women making their own decisions is absolutely outrageous. After all, how dare she decide who to spend her entire life with all on her own??!