Apple Users to Spend More on Non-Gaming Apps by 2024

Apple users may spend more on non-gaming apps by the year 2024, as predicted by data analytics from Sensor Tower.

Apple customers may spend more on non-gaming apps by the year 2024, as predicted by data analytics from Sensor Tower, as lockdown lifestyle has had its effects on every aspect of life, which has led the users to be more susceptible to essential services. There has been reported to be an increase in the download of apps of business, fitness, health, and education due to the stay-at-home measures taken due to the crises.

It was initially reported that users spent more time on mobile games in the earlier days of the pandemic but after the lockdown got extended, there was a sudden shift in the preference of apps. As the world moved towards online learning and virtual communication, there was an increase in apps like Zoom, Video-conferencing, Instant messaging apps, and Match Group. The shares of Zoom Video Communication Inc and Match Group soared as these became the vital sources of communication in terms of stay-at-home apps.

Sensor Tower reports that spending on mobile apps is predicted to reach $270 billion in the upcoming five years globally, a three-fold increase compared to 2020.

The data analytics firm reported that Apple users are predicted to outspend Android customers, with the app store expected to generate a global revenue of $185 billion. The Google Play store will have a larger share of games revenue than the App Store in the year 2025, which is said to be a whopping 71% compared a 42% on the App Store.

Europe is reported to be the key market for these revenue growths and is expected to out space the revenue growth in Asia and North America, with an expected growth of 36.9 billion by 2025.

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