Support Sirbaz Khan’s Mission To Be The First Pakistani To Climb Annapurna

Support Sirbaz Khan to be the first Pakistani to climb the Annapurna(8,091m) in Nepal and carry out Ali Sadpara's legacy.

One of the top Mountaineers in Pakistan, Sirbaz Khan is on his way to set a precedence for our nation to never stop pursuing their passion and aim for the stars. After climbing K2(8,611m), Nanga Parbat (8,126m), Broadpeak (8,051m) in Pakistan, Lhotse (8,516 m), and Manaslu (8,156) in Nepal, his next mission is to make way to Nepal’s deadliest mountain, Annapurna(8,051). We need to support Sirbaz Khan on his journey to be the first Pakistani to climb this deadly peak in Nepal and carry out Ali Sadpara’s legacy.

Annapurna is one the deadliest, most fatal mountains of the world, with around a 40% fatality rate due to its sharp ridges and crevasses, which is the highest in the world, with a death to survival ratio of 3:1 worse than that of K2 and Mount Everest.

Sirbaz Khan shared this dream with the late Muhammad Ali Sadpara, his hero and guiding force, it is with him he shared the dream of climbing the deadly Annapurna. Previously, he had accompanied Sadpara on four of the 8000m successfully, and he wants to fulfill his dream of climbing Annapurna, in order to commemorate his memory. Like Sadpara, he also launched the “mission 14 summit”, which is to climb all fourteen eight-thousanders, the fourteen independent mountains on Earth, which are above sea level.

It is the dream of a climber to ascend to all fourteen of these glorious, deadly, and treacherous peaks. The question that arises is for what exactly, what could someone possibly get from risking their lives to climb these deadly tops? Reinhold Messner, the first person to climb all fourteen of the eight-thousanders claimed that ” the person who stands on top of one comes back down with a sense of the world”. These peaks call out to the mountainers, who are so passionate about conquering them that they are ready to risk their lives.

It is a great honor for Pakistan that Sirbaz Khan wants to make this deadly climb next month and achieve this milestone for our beloved country. According to him,  “When I raise the green flag on the summit of Mt Annapurna, it’ll not be my personal success only. It’ll be shared by every single Pakistani who wishes to see the green flag raised high”. This is the love that our mountaineers have for our country. Moreover, this climb is also his tribute to Sadpara, ” I dedicate this expedition and this whole project to my big brother, my friend, my pride, the best Mountaineer Pakistan ever produced – Muhammad Ali Sadpara”.

If you want to help Sirbaz Khan on his journey to Annapurna, through sponsorships or partnerships, etc, reach out to his Instagram profile and support him through the go get funding campaign to help him raise funds for his next expedition that starts in March 2021.

Finally, this goes out to the government of Pakistan, which needs to start funding our mountaineers for these deadly climbs that are made mostly without supplementary oxygen due to the acute lack of funds. Most of the mountaineers in Pakistan, due to lack of funds, pursue careers as high altitude porters, serving as assistants in mountain climbing expeditions. They traverse these rugged terrains in castoff gears and no supplementary oxygen to keep them safe. It is about time that the government starts to consider mountaineering as a national sport like cricket and provide state patronage and sponsorships for the people who pursue mountaineering. The system urgently needs to come up with insurance schemes, training, and sponsorships in Pakistan. It is vital that a structured system for mountaineering and trekking is established!

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