Asim Azhar Has Taken Over Our Hearts Again With His Musical Evolution

Asim Azhar talks about his musical journey, including his latest release, "Chand Mahiya," and reflects on over a decade of his career

Asim Azhar has been a prominent figure in the music industry for more than ten years. He has garnered a loyal fan base not only in his home country of Pakistan but also around the world. What sets him apart from other artists is his ability to seamlessly integrate complex themes into his music while still maintaining an authentic and relatable sound. Azhar’s passion for music started at a young age, and he has since established himself as a renowned musician. His latest offering, Chand Mahiya, is a testament to his growth and development as an artist.

Asim begins the electropop song with a soothing melody and croons subtly to show his disgust. Even though his singing displays his sensitivity, he mocks himself for being so completely in love with someone. Even though Chand Mahiya isn’t different from his prior endeavours, Asim is at his strongest and establishing himself as the unbeatable doyen of romance. The passion is interacted in the song. Its question-filled lyrics are a mix of combative and introspective. Despite being straightforward, they are not simplistic and address the problem of young individuals in love.

Asim’s songs have always had a distinct musical sensibility and have been infectious. Asim began singing covers of modern Western music on YouTube as a young child. He then performed on Coke Studio, sang anthems and OSTs, and even dabbled in playback singing. His contributions to multiple platforms have decorated a significant portion of his discography. And while all of those might have been turning points in his career, it’s unusual to witness Asim sing from the heart.

His more recent releases, such as Chand Mahiya, Bulleya, and Habibi, present a more relaxed attitude, particularly in terms of music, in contrast to Jo Tu Na Mila. Asim is changing directions, and the subtle but noticeable difference in his music suggests that he is leaning more towards an independent lifestyle. “I’m a sucker for experimenting.” He said he believes that experiments and partnerships become important when an artist is running low on inspiration. The word “collaboration” is crucial, he emphasises. “And, you know, my new sound, that I’ve been releasing recently, I think it’s not a drastic change. You’ll never hear a drastic change for me. I always enjoy long visions and longevity.”

Asim created Chand Mahiya while setting up his home studio. It may also be a product of his newly discovered viewpoint on love.

“It’s based on a character who’s really enjoying his freedom. He travels a lot, does not believe in love, does not believe in anything spiritual, and just lives his days as they come. He doesn’t really enjoy relationships with strings attached or responsibilities. But then there’s this girl, who is the total opposite of his world, sweeps him off of his feet. And now he is complaining about losing his freedom. Love is a bittersweet feeling for him because at the back of his mind, somewhere, he always knew that there will a person who will come and you know, mess things up. And he loved his freedom, his uraan (flight) so now he laments ‘Chand mahiya, ye tune kya kiya (my darling, what have you done, you cut my wings)’.”

Asim asserts that he will have the most releases in the forthcoming season, not only because he has a three-year contract agreement with Universal Music, but also given that he is working on an EP.

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