5 Mystery Netflix Series that Will Challenge Your Investigative Skills

Looking for a Netflix mystery series? Look no further because we have a list of five top-rated series that will satisfy your mystery itch.

Not many experiences are as satisfying as a well-executed thriller Netflix series (or film, while we’re at it). It’s a viewing reward unlike any other when the murderer is ultimately identified, the surprising twist is disclosed, or the most minute detail is revealed to be the most crucial piece of evidence.

Allow us to recommend 5 compelling series if you want to put your deductive skills to the test. Each enigma is as engrossing and intriguing as the one before it, ranging from strange abductions to murders that remain unsolved to ancestral mysteries. They cover a wide range of puzzles, from thrillers based on psychology to horror tales, dark comedies, and all within.


In this young adult drama involving one of television’s most famous households, Jenna Ortega gives Wednesday Addams every inch of life as the dry character can manage. Wednesday’s parents, Gomez (Luis Guzmán) and Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones), enlist her in Nevermore Academy, a refuge for misfits of all kinds after she is banished from school due to an incident involving the guys’ water polo team and piranhas (yikes!). But shortly as she gets to her new school, psychically gifted Wednesday becomes drawn into a murder investigation that also concerns her parents and her hidden past. Wednesday is a show to watch every single day because it combines two genres: eerie supernatural horror and wacky comedy.

Netflix Mystery

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

If the series’ name didn’t give it away, it parodies a variety of mystery clichés, including a reclusive, untrustworthy narrator, addiction issues, blackout episodes, shady police officers, a tragic past, and cryptic titles with bland nouns. Anna, played by Kristen Bell, is a painter who lost her daughter Elizabeth (Appy Pratt), and as a consequence, her marriage. Anna is confined to her home all day (she has a fear of rain that makes her dizzy), taking pills and wine bottles while also hearing odd voices emanating from her attic and having vivid visions. At her neighbour’s residence, where a widower named Neil (Tom Riley) recently settled in with his 9-year-old child, Emma (Samsara Leela Yett), she one day sees the death of a woman (Shelley Hennig). The cops are sceptical of Anna’s credibility and don’t uncover any evidence of wrongdoing after she dials 911. So the woman in the residence directly across from the girl in that window must find out the truth before she becomes the next victim.

Netflix Mystery

The Sinner 

In all of its seasons, this police investigative anthology series, which stars Bill Pullman as Detective Harry Ambrose, looks into a different horrific incident. Detective Ambrose must battle his inner demons as he attempts to make a reason for the sinister events that surround his cases. Jessica Biel plays Cora Tannetti in the first season of the show, which is based on the same-named Petra Hammesfahr novel. Cora is a loving wife and mother who, seemingly out of the blue, fatally stabs a man with a paring knife while on a family outing to the lake. However, Ambrose is right to think the murder may not be as accidental as it seems.


In a small German village called Winden, children started going missing in 2019, with uncanny similarities to disappearances that occurred decades earlier. As the people of Winden look for the lads, they discover quite a bit, including a time-travelling cave and an evil scheme spanning several centuries. The Dopplers, Nielsens, Kahnwalds, and Tiedemanns are four estranged families, and now their dark truths and deceptions are coming out, with repercussions for the town’s history, present, and future. The first three seasons of this German sci-fi thriller series are truly brain teasers—smart, self-referential, and occasionally even philosophical. The payoff is incredibly fantastic if you pay attention.

Netflix Mystery

Get Even 

Olivia (Jessica Alexander), Margot (Bethany Antonia), Bree (Mia McKenna-Bruce), and Kitty (Kim Adis) join the vigilante group “DGM” or “Don’t Get Mad” (the rest is history) at a private British school. The females concentrate their energies on uncovering bullies and administering punishment on behalf of the school body as “co-workers in the department of vengeance,” as they are known. But when a fellow student is murdered and found on his front lawn, things take a grim turn. In his hand, found? a “DGM.” message in an effort to implicate the anonymous group. The four must now maintain their anonymity while identifying the real culprit to show DGM’s innocence. Isn’t high school enjoyable?

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