Aurat March in Faisalabad Cancelled and Organizers Were Allegedly Threatened

Aurat March organized in Faisalabad was canceled by the authorities and the organizers of the March were threatened with arrest.

The official Aurat March Faisalabad page announced the cancellation of the event due to Muharram and security reasons. However, the reasons were somewhat a cover for what actually happened.

According to the reports, on Sunday the Aurat March organizers in Faisalabad were denied the NOC to conduct their event. The organizers actually disclosed the real reason behind canceling the events and the events that happened.

It was disclosed by the Faisalabad Aurat March organizers that a press conference was held, a day before the March was supposed to happen, in which they attacked the women’s rights movement. The attitude of the assistant commissioner was very problematic and it shows that they are intimidated by the women coming forward to raise their voice against injustice or have a very backward mindset. After this press conference was held in Faisalabad, the assistant commissioner declined permission to conduct the event. It was also revealed that the organizers were threatened with arrests.

Amnesty International South Asia contacted the authorities, on Monday, to get permission for Aurat March to conduct the protest. The protest was being organized to raise awareness and stand up against the recent femicide and violence cases being witnessed against women.

However, this is not the first time Aurat March was canceled or the organizers were threatened. There have been several incidents where the movements supporting women of Pakistan were canceled. In the previous year, a mural painted in support of women was vandalized with black paint and several reports say that the Capital Police was also spotted while the mural was being vandalized. Few participants painting the mural were injured when the people vandalizing started throwing stones at them.

A resolution was passed in the KP assembly, in 2019, against the annual organizing of the Aurat March, deeming it shameful. Similarly, organizers and participants of the March have been threatened several times by the administration.

The incident is a prime example of the deep-seated patriarchy and the misogyny in Pakistan. People in control give power to predators and people who want these incidents to be concealed and keeps women from taking a step against injustice.

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