Bagallery’s Independence Day Campaign Redefined Freedom

Bagallery collaborated with bloggers and asked them about which worries and triggers of anxiety do they want freedom from.

What is freedom? Everyone has a different perception in their minds about freedom. The idea is mouldable and differs from person to person because anything and everything can come under it. Bagallery, however, has introduced a unique concept of freedom, especially keeping Independence Day in mind.

Bagallery collaborated with bloggers and asked them about which worries and triggers of anxiety do they want freedom from. This society, the one we’re living in, has always put pressure on everyone. Pressure such as not being good enough, whether in terms of looks or wealth, as everyone has their own insecurities.

This Independence Day, Bagallery gave a strong and uplifting message. Many bloggers are under the limelight and receive a lot of criticism, which means they get lots of comments filled with hatred. Not just bloggers, even people like us who aren’t famous get to hear a lot mean comments every other day if not daily. The message they wanted to give is of letting go and breaking the stereotypes. By doing so, one can receive freedom from various insecurities, triggers, judgment, and whatnot, that can help in feeling great and increase self-esteem.

Our ancestors have worked day and night, shed too much blood to give us this nation, this land, that we call our homeland. The freedom that we got in 1947, was the true meaning of the word. Freedom from a nation where we, Muslims, were oppressed. Muslims were stripped of their basic rights and treated inhumanely, which led to many disturbances and struggles. In the end, we strived to our last breath, gave up many lives to achieve this land. Hence, celebrating this freedom is deserving.

However, this year, Bagallery motivates us by giving a beautiful message about freedom. The message to fight with this judgemental society, the negative thoughts, be it ours or others that weigh us down, and be ourselves. Let’s all celebrate freedom from all the worries, anxieties, insecurities, and shackles imposed by society. It’s important to be free from all this negativity and celebrate the freedom in order to enjoy it to the fullest.

When you are yourself, you care less about what others have to say, eventually setting yourself free from everything that brings you down. We, at Runway Pakistan, hope to contribute to this campaign by celebrating the freedom in our way.

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