Balochi Cinema Is Coming Back In The Game With “Doda”

Doda, a Balochi production about a Lyari boxer that was released a few days ago, is providing a comeback for the Balochi cinema after 1976.

The first Balochi movie, Hammal O Mahganj, was created 46 years ago, in 1976, to be exact. The film, which Anwar Iqbal produced and who later rose to fame as an actor, was banned from showing in theatres. Evidently, it was the subject of debate because it wasn’t accurate in portraying the Baloch lifestyle.

Fortunately, young Baloch artists are emerging and creating excellent documentaries and independent films, particularly since “visual studies” was established as a subject at several academic institutions.

Doda, a full-length Balochi movie directed by Adil Bizanjo, was released nationwide last week. Against all this background and in spite of the fact that the epidemic has decelerated, if not halted, the rebirth of the Pakistani movie industry, it takes enormous importance.

The film’s director Doda tells the account of an adolescent boxer who resides in Lyari. He aspires to become a well-known pugilist on a global scale.

However, a plethora of barriers erected by society stands in his path of achievement. The plot essentially centres on how he gets beyond such challenges and advances. It is a deeply embedded, realism-based narrative. Nothing about it is glamorous.

Boxing seems to be a recurrent motif in Lyari-based shorts and films. It is clear that the people who live in one of Karachi’s oldest districts are passionate about it.  I don’t believe it has received the attention it deserves in our society. Although boxing is just a part of this movie and there is a lot more to it.

Regarding the difficulties he encountered while filming the movie, the director remarked that for independent producers, money is always a big problem. It was also challenging to bring the movie to theatres and convince them to screen it.

Additionally, the epidemic prevented any new productions for far more than a year.

Bizanjo is a native speaker of Balochi. He feels at ease producing movies in Balochi.

He used his own language to tell the narrative an opportunity to familiarize the general Pakistani media with it. However, the film has also been translated into Urdu for Punjab, KP, and Sindh venues.

Doda’s lead hero is portrayed by actor Shoaib Hasan. Speaking of his persona, he explained that he plays a Lyari native who aspires to be a successful athlete on a global scale. His younger sister shares the same aspirations for him, but tragic events cause him to act differently.

For the role, Hasan practised as a boxer for three months. He insisted that he put in a lot of effort to make his performance seem realistic.

His fellow performers and the technical crew assisted him throughout the procedure.

The remaining cast members are Shakoor Baloch, Imran Baloch, Fiza Bibi, Anwar Iqbal, and Abila Kurd, who plays Hasan’s love interest. Iqbal’s final acting role before passing away on July 1, 2021, was Doda.

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