Best Dessert Places in Karachi You’re Missing Out On

You definitely haven't lived if you haven't tried these top tier desserts in the city. Here's a list of the best dessert places in Karachi.

We did extensive taste testing to bring you a list of the best dessert places in Karachi. Although the city is home to an endless variety of mouth-watering desserts, the following is a list from where you MUST try desserts.

Chocolate Fanatics.

Everyone is aware of the famous Chocolate Cake from Nando’s after all it has prompted many rip-offs across the city. Moreover, the best dessert place in Karachi to get hot fudge brownie from is the Hotspot Café. Their bestseller and very popular Killer Chocolate Brownie is a must-try. The brownie is layered with hot rich chocolate sauce topped with a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream that oozes all over the dessert.

morEwish Cuisine by Mahwish: براؤنی Killer Brownie 🍨 aka Brownie Sundae copycat HotSpot recipe by morEwish

Lava Cakes

Almost every restaurant has created their versions of lava cake however, only a few have pulled off the technical desserts. In our opinion, the most worthy ones to be on the list are the Chocolate Lava Cakes from Del Frio and Butler’s. Out of the one from Del Frio stands out, they have nailed the sweetness balance and the price is affordable as well! Although the dome from Bella Vita is a city-wide favourite, its sweetness is slightly overpowering however, it is an honourable mention.


Our top picks are the cheesecakes from New York Coffee and Marcel’s. The former’s New York Cheesecake is our personal favourite, no better place has the perfect NY cheesecake in town. The Blueberry cheesecake from Marcel’s is the other top pick. Moreover, Fuschia’s White Chocolate Cheesecake and mixed berries compote is a perfectly balanced and exquisitely crafted recipe which is must try.
Honourable mention is the Xander’s strawberry cheesecake that has a light taste, dense and creamy texture.

Crème Brûlée

This sophisticated dessert is difficult to crack with perfection because of its complicated and fine crafting. Although it is not widely devoured by many, it remains to be one of the most exquisite desserts. The best dessert place in Karachi to get this from is Okra. The custard beneath that perfect crackling golden-brown caramel layer is of silky consistency. Another notable place to get this from is Café Flo.

Crème brûlée recipe


The best dessert places in Karachi to get this go-to product is from Easy or from Happy. Both these places have good-sized doughnuts that are rich, with a sweet balance of perfection. Trust us, the price and calories are worth it!

EASY, 31-C, Khayaban e Shahbaz Commercial, Lane 4, DHA, Karachi., Karachi (2020)   Milk Chocolate Cake 2LBS By Coffee Planet– TCS Sentiments Express

Pancakes, Waffles and French Toasts

These breakfast items are available widely but some dessert places in Karachi stand out with these items. Caffè Praha’s Lotus French Toast is out of this world, they nail the sweet balance with such finesse. Although the item visually looks insanely rich and heavy, its quality is that it’s extremely light and will have you wanting more. Moreover, their Fluffy Nutella Pancakes are another decadence, soft, airy and fluffy pancakes with the best texture, topped with Nutella and caramel popcorns will give you a blissful experience.

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