K-Electric Hacked: Data Leaked on the Dark Web

As K-Electric, Karachi's biggest and only electricity service provider was hacked, 8.5 GB of confidential data was dumped on the dark web.

At the beginning of September, K-Electric witnessed a Netwalker Ransomware attack, compromising its online service facilities. It was a huge shock to see K-Electric hacked, as people had never even thought that the national electricity provider of Karachi could face such an issue.

Initially, the hackers demanded a ransom of $3.5 million from K-Electric and were quick to raise their demands to $7 million. After K-Electric was hacked- the attackers threatened to release any or all sensitive information that they have gotten ahold.

K-Electric being the only electricity provider in Karachi, it has access to multiloads of confidential or sensitive information such as user contact info, CNICs, NTNs, addresses, credit cards, and bank credentials, as well as billing details. Even the thought K-Electric hacked, and of all this data is available to just anyone over the internet is gruesome!

The deadline to pay the ransom expired on Monday, and since the payment did not go through, the hackers dumped approximately 8.5 GB of data from K-Electric onto the dark web. Even though; K-Electric keeps denying these facts and says that there was no breach in the company. Rafay Baloch, a cybersecurity expert, posted evidence that K-Electric, was indeed hacked and that information from within the company has been shared online on the dark web.

Furthermore, he took to Twitter and said that he had found traces of K-Electric’s data on the dark web. It is evident that K-Electric had been struck with a Netwalker Ransomware; ransomware works by exfiltrating the data before encrypting it and demands a ransom, upon failure to provide a ransom, the data is dumped online.

At this point, K-Electric hacked is a huge reason for concern, not only does it have resident’s confidential data, but it also stores several companies and their confidential data such as their bank details, billing information, and many more!

After K-Electric had been hacked they made sure to acquire the services of particular international information security experts to regain its website from hackers. The electricity supplier had also lodged a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) regarding the hacking incident.

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