Best GIFs Used by PTCL in April 2020

Within the month of April 2020, PTCL has had to deal with a lot complaints, however they are engaging their customers via humor, memes and gifs.

Within the month of April 2020, PTCL has had to deal with a lot complaints due to the increased load on internet connections and people getting sub-par internet connectivity – however the company is trying to engage their customers through the use of humor, memes and gifs.

They are known to stay relevant with the latest trends and topics in Pakistan. For example, they worked on their breast cancer awareness campaign in 2019.

Below are some of the best GIF moments that PTCL has had in April 2020 so far:

While my inner FRIENDS fan is freaking out over the Rachel and Phoebe gifs, I must say that I find the Mrs Doubtfire gif to be the most spot on for all these replies.

Which PTCL GIF from April 2020 do you like the best?


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