Mahira Khan Interacts With Fans Amid Lockdown

The heroine from the superhit drama Humsafar, Mahira Khan, replies to her fans who asked her questions on Twitter using the hashtag '#AskMahira'

Mahira Khan had a very interactive session with her fans on Twitter. #AskMahira was trending on Twitter yesterday. Her fans made sure to tweet as much as possible to get noticed. Although she didn’t reply to all of them because it’s obvious. However, the few tweets that she replied to revealed a lot about her and her work.

It was astonishing to see how quickly the hashtag started trending. Mahira answered many questions from her career to her personal life and also made many fans happy. She also promises to rejoin the drama industry once she is done with her movie.

Mahira also reveals her fun and humourous side by replying to such tweets.

One fan asked her:

“If you write the ending for one of your characters differently, who would it be what would you change?! #AskMahira”

Mahira Khan replied:

“I’ve tried sometimes to discuss with my writers about the ending. Umera Ahmed and Shoaib Mansoor both told me that these characters have their own destiny, their own endings. So.. none!”

When asked about her creativity during quarantine. She also replies honestly that she’s been reading more and trying to cook.

Another interesting thing she mentioned during the whole session was that she talks in her sleep. Yes, she said that and she was not afraid to reveal it at all.

Mahira said:

“I talk in my sleep all the time. Azlan has the most fun and then tells me stories when I wake up”

Well, that’s something we didn’t know and we definitely hope to listen to a few of those stories from Azlan one day!

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