Best sporting brands in Pakistan

Are you looking for a reliable and cheap sporting brand in Pakistan ? Well dont worry, we have got you covered with the best brands.

Here in Pakistan we have many brands for casual wear, cultural wear but hardly any for sportswear. In the last few years, Pakistan has become very involved in sports. We constantly see people wearing gear from Nike, Adidas, Puma and so on. But we hardly see anyone wearing sportswear from Pakistani sporting brands.

Pakistan has never tried to create its own popular sports brand. Lately, a few brands have popped up and they are not doing badly at all. It is nice to see that these brands are trying to make their own name in the Pakistani sports community.

There are not many reliable sporting brands that are popular in Pakistan, so we have compiled a list of the best sports brands that you can rely on.

Iron Gear

Iron Gear is a very recent sporting brand in Pakistan. Many people have never heard of them, but they have some of the best sports gear compared to any other brand in Pakistan. They make sure that their gear is very comfortable and durable. Their designs are very modern and stylish so that you can work out with comfort and a little style. They have everything; running shorts, compression shorts, tank tops, sweatpants and so on. Iron gear is one of the top sporting brands in Pakistan and its worth giving a shot.

Spartan fitness

When we talk about good quality sports gear, we definitely can not leave out Spartan Fitness. Spartan Fitness has some of the best and most comfortable sports gear in Pakistan. They make sure that all their clothing is breathable, high quality and flexible. Spartan takes fitness and health very seriously and makes sure you are satisfied. Their shirts have a high quality feel and they will go long term. Spartan is a top sporting brand in Pakistan and you must buy your gear from them. They have affordable prices and it is worth it.

sporting brand runway


Outfitters, is one of the most popular clothing brands in Pakistan. They have been in the apparel industry for several years. They are known for their loungewear and outdoor clothing, but recently they have started selling sporting goods. Since there are hardly any brands that sell sportswear, it was a good strategy to do so. After looking at some of their sportswear, I can say that it is really good quality and very comfortable. It is great that they started selling sportswear, it gives their customers more options. Since they have been around for quite a while, they are reliable and can be called one of the top sports brands in Pakistan.

Nomad Apparel 

Last on our list we have Nomad Apparel, which specialises exclusively in sportswear. They have some of the best sporting goods in Pakistan. They have all kinds of outfits for different sports for any sport or event. They make sure that the clothes feel high quality and are breathable. They are one of the few sports brands in Pakistan that do well. Nomad Apparel also launches different designs every season and has great sales to satisfy its buyers.

Overall, I feel there are still hardly any sporting brands in Pakistan. Even though there are a few brands lately that are not doing badly, we still lacking many. It would be great if Pakistan had a famous sports brand that is internationally recognized, that would really change the face of the country.

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