Best Vacation Destinations to Visit in Pakistan in the Upcoming Season

Are you looking for places to visit during your vacations? What better place than Pakistan itself? Here is a list of places in Pakistan you can visit.

Fall/Winter is right around the corner and that means time for VACATIONS. And what better place than right here in Pakistan to go unwind at and have the time of your life?

Pandemic and the travel restrictions all around the world have made us realize that we don’t have to go on that Europe Tour or Bali because Pakistan is just as breathtakingly beautiful, maybe even more.

Whether you’re going on a friend’s trip or on a romantic getaway, these places will make your trip memorable and show you just how beautiful Pakistan really is.

Neelum Valley 

Neelum Valley means Blue Gem Valley in English. This magnificent valley is located near the capital of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad. It is the most beautiful place in Azad Kashmir with the most hospitable and friendly people.

When you reach there you will find crystal clear rivers, beautiful forests and the mountains are white from snowfall, especially in winter and fall season. You can find inexpensive accommodation here and it is one of the most peaceful experiences.

Neelum Valley Pakistan

Neelum Valley Pakistan

Fairy Medows

Fairy Medows is a stunningly picturesque place at the base of the Nanga Parbat mountain range located in the Diamer district of the Gilgit-Baltistan region. This place is, without doubt, the most beautiful place in Pakistan with a lake, some tents of people camping, livestock animals walking around, and background of snow-capped mountains and pine trees.

You can reach Fairy Medows with a hike of three hours and set up a camp in the beautiful Fairy Meadow Park and enjoy a hot beverage from your tent or cabin. This experience is a pure Northern Pakistan experience.

Fairy Meadow Pakistan

Fairy Meadow Pakistan

Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region and is known to be a hidden gem in Pakistan. This is a remote valley between the Himalayas and Karakoram mountain ranges. This valley has vast green and luscious agricultural lands with mountains in the background and freshwater streams along the path. Every place in this valley is a scenic beauty and the raw mountain view will make you feel like you’re in heaven on Earth.

With warm and hospitable people living in the valley and the tranquility of the place, this is a must-visit if you wanna escape the fast life of nowadays and just de-stress.

Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley Pakistan


Shogran is a scenic hilltop in the Kaghan region with the main attraction being Siri Paye Meadow. It is filled with luxurious and modern hotels and guest houses with several facilities to make the stay a comfortable one. This area is a famous spot during summers but it is still gorgeous at this time with few people around, making it a very serene spot.

Here you can go mountain climbing, trekking, and hiking in the area, and is perfect for adventurous people looking for everlasting memories with friends and family. A lot of music concerts and festivals are scheduled here so it is a plus if you visit it when an event is scheduled.

Swat Valley 

Swat – the Switzerland of Pakistan according to Queen Elizabeth II. This valley is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Its scenic beauty is breathtaking and the pleasant weather here is just a cherry on top to make it your best experience on the trip. The valley is home to several wildlife animals, with dense magnificent forests, blue gorgeous lakes, and mountain views.

The valley has several activities you can do with your friends and family to make memories. You can go camping, hiking, zip-lining, trekking during summers. But in winter you can go ice skating, snowboarding, speed skating, skiing, sledding and even play ice hockey.

Swat Pakistan

Arang Kel 

This place is called the “Pearl of Neelum” and is a small lovely village 8000 feet on a hilltop in Neelum. It is a 5-hour ride from Muzaffarabad and the ride is from Muzaffarabad to Arang Kel will be one of the most gorgeous rides in your trip. It is a bit sequestered from Azad Kashmir but is filled with the most luscious and green foliage and pastures.

You can get a cozy lodge in the place and go on walks on the beautiful trails in the area of Kel and even go on a hike in the mountains. You will get to see horses, several different wild animals and the rarest kinds of birds.

Arang Kel Pakistan

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