IBA Karachi Expels Student, Muhammad Jibrail, For Highlighting Harassment On Campus

IBA Karachi student, Muhammad Jibrail, was expelled from the university for bringing attention to a harassment incident he witnessed between two employees.

A student of IBA Karachi, Muhammad Jibrail, got expelled yesterday from the university for publicly bringing attention to harassment of a female staff member by a male staff member.

Jibrail is a final year student and was due to graduate in two months with a BS Economics degree from the university. He is from Lakki Marwat and got admission to IBA with the help of a scholarship because he scored above 90% in Matric and Intermediate. Not only that but he was also a teacher’s assistant in IBA.

According to sources, Jibrail did email the authorities about the issue but his plea was ignored by them. The statement on IBA’s page said that Muhammad Jibrail was punished because he failed to use the “right channels” to lodge the complaint and went straight to social media.

After this incident, Muhammad Jibrail and the female staff member in question were confronted by the discipline committee of IBA Karachi, and the female staff was allegedly threatened by saying we will deal with Jibrail but from where will you find more eyewitnesses? After being counseled several times, Jibrail did not take back his complaint from social media, and this lead to the authorities taking the expulsion decision.

Jibrail gave details regarding the incident saying he heard a male staff member, in IBA’s finance department, shouting at a female staff member saying he will keep her on campus the whole night. This incident took place on August 25th.

IBA then passed an official statement revealing that the harassment complaint have been noted but Muhammad Jibrail will be expelled because he failed to follow the rules set by IBA.

Jibrail’s lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir said: “Shame on [IBA Karachi] for expelling a student for exposing harassment of a female staff member by a male staff member.”


Zarrar Khuhro, a Journalist, also spoke in favor of Jibrail.

Jibrail spoke to Dawn News confirming that he was expelled and he wasn’t allowed to gather his possessions from the hostel. But he was firm on his decision and refused to apologize.

It was revealed that the student had shared the details of the employee, including the picture before he officially filed the complaint which led to endangering the psychological and physical safety of the employee, department, and co-workers.

Several students gathered in IBA and outside to protest for weeks in favor of Jibrail and make sure IBA took action against the harassment case and the harasser but in vain. Yesterday the Dean of IBA signed off on the expulsion letter of Jibrail. The IBA committee further charged him for endangering the staff members, employees, and students psychologically and physically through the protests.

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