Biggest Ramadan Feast by JDC Foundation

JDC Foundation hosts the biggest Sehri and Iftaar feasts in Karachi

JDC Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profitable organization based in Pakistan which is solely focused on serving humanity. This organization has been working for many years now, it was founded in 2010.

They have successfully conducted many projects to serve the people around them such as rescue and relief services, ambulance services, educational systems and other various services. Their mission and vision is to become a principle charitable organization that helps humans and relieves them from sufferings.

Their most talked about project in Ramadan is the Sehri and Iftaar Dashtarkhuwan in Karachi, in which they welcome people from every religion, caste, creed and social background to come and enjoy a feast together. They do not discriminate between rich or poor and equally welcome each and every one to join them on this journey to serving humanity one meal at a time, that too free of any cost.

They feed almost 20,000 people on a daily basis and this is an event which is conducted on a very large scale. Even celebrities come and participate in this program to help others and also enjoy the feast at the end. It’s an initiative which definitely needs more attention and appreciation.