Biscoff Lotus Tiramisu is a Way To Level Up Your Tiramisu Game

It's straightforward and easy to make this hybrid Biscoff and Lotus dessert that combines mousse with tiramisu to take your tiramisu up a notch.

Fads have engulfed us all, particularly in the areas of fashion and cuisine. So, like many others, I tried a recipe that called for Biscoff Lotus spread and biscuits.

Yeah, I didn’t taste the cheesecake since I wanted to start with something easier and chose what I’m dubbing “Lotus Tiramisu,” a mousse and tiramisu hybrid. You’ll soon realise why it’s called a “Tiramisu.”

I took inspiration from the classic tiramisu and used the Lotus biscuits as the core layer in this dish, much like how to sponge ladyfingers are used in tiramisu. I then whipped up a mousse with cream, condensed milk, and Biscoff Lotus spread.

Obviously, it only requires blending, assembling, and chilling to create a smooth, sweet dream of a dessert. This is true of all of my recipes.

Ingredients for the Biscoff Lotus Tiramisu

400 millilitres of thick cream
Condensed milk, 150 ml.
Spread Biscoff Lotus in 4 tablespoons.
7 to 8 Lotus cookies

For Biscoff Lotus spread topping

2 tablespoons milk
1/9 cup Biscoff spread

To dip coffee

2 teaspoons of powdered instant coffee
2 teaspoons of sugar
50 ml of boiling water

How to Make Biscoff Lotus Tiramisu

Whip the cream slightly in a bowl before adding the Biscoff Lotus spread and condensed milk.

Now, whisk thoroughly but not too vigorously. Using a spatula, incorporate the ingredients while scraping the bowl’s bottom and sides to ensure thorough blending. Once it is halfway full, spoon half of the cream mixture into a serving basin.

One at a time briefly submerges a Lotus biscuit in the coffee liquid so that it becomes soaked without breaking. In the serving bowl, arrange the biscuits on top of the mousse. Add the remaining mousse over top.

Warm the Biscoff Lotus spread and two teaspoons of milk for ten seconds in the microwave or on a double burner. Stir well, and if the mixture is too thick to pour, add more milk.

Pour on top of the mousse layers. Create random designs with the point of a knife, add a few Lotus biscuits on top, cover, and chill for at least six hours in the refrigerator. For individual servings, you may also put it together in smaller dessert glasses in the same manner.

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