Ushna Shah Was Annoyed At Blogger AB Lakhany For Bringing a Drone

Ushna Shah warned AB Lakhany about prosecution and publicly humiliated him for not honouring the invitation demand and bringing a drone to the wedding.

Every woman wants her special wedding day to go without a hitch and puts a lot of effort into making sure everything is ideal beforehand. But, when a celebrity is getting married, some people find it difficult to understand why their privacy must be maintained, especially if they request it. The wedding of actor Ushna Shah and professional golfer Hamza Amin took place on Sunday, but some unexpected events dampened the festivities. For example, an invited blogger showed up with not only a plus one, but also a photographer and a drone to capture wonderful times the actor was interested in sharing only with her immediate family.

On Monday, Ushna used Instagram to publicly embarrass a visitor for failing to abide by the conditions that were stipulated in the invitation. “I am disgusted and feel violated. AB Lakhany, of Moovyshoovy, was invited out of obligation as I have known him for years and he happened to be at the office where we were designing invitations. His invite said strictly no plus one,” she wrote. “He was then sent a memo along with other guests to not record personal moments, especially the nikah. Not only did he bring a plus one, but he also brought a photographer without permission [and] lied to my family that I had allowed this. That photographer then sent exclusive unapproved photos to various [media] portals.”

Lakhani has been contacted by a few reporters for a response. O Shot and Fatima Tariq Photography, Ushna Shah’s photographers, have not yet made any images from the occasion public.

Ushna claimed that he also carried a drone and “snuck” it into the exclusive nikah area on the water where he recorded the signing, leaving her “in tears” later. “This man has no morals, no ethics, and has no right to be employed for any position. I called him out of respect, but he gave no sign of it. I am disgusted beyond belief,” she continued.

The actor uploaded screenshots of Lakhani’s invitation.

When the drone arrived, she described the environment. “The drone was hovering loudly next to my head during my signing I had to shoo it away. I had a sick feeling in my stomach wondering who it was.” Ushna asked, “Does any bride deserve this?

Ushna Shah

If my apparel seemed Indian to others or even Mongolian, does any human being deserve this? Ushna Shah also responded to remarks made about her attire. 15 persons, all family, were allowed in our nikah enclosure. I’m spinning with horror at how low this man would go.

The alleged photographer, Saad Ansari Photography, says he only shared and circulated someone else’s images, the source claimed. Ushna Shah declared that, if necessary, she will file a lawsuit. “Whoever it was, was not invited and came with AB Lakhani — please unfollow his sick portal. If I have any legal standing to do something about this, I will. I feel violated,”  she said in response.

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