BJP Politician Gunned Down in Kashmir

An armed militant gunned down BJP Politician along with his family members in Muslim Occupied Kashmir.

Kashmir has been under an attack for a very long time. In this disputed region. There have been murders, rapes, killings, executions, kidnappings, and whatnot. Regardless, Muslims are being killed on an almost daily basis, yet the world hasn’t paid a heed to it. The Indian Government, with their complete involvement in Kashmir, have been brutally implementing rules and regulations on the innocent civilians. But as they say, every action has a reaction. There are clashes in Kashmir, between Kashmiri and Indian forces, and as a result, Kashmiris are dragged out of their houses and killed. Even those who aren’t involved. It seems like, that is what happens in every war zone.


However, on Wednesday, 8th July, three armed men gunned down BJP Politician, Sheikh Wasim Bari. Bari’s father and brother have also been killed in the attack. This attack took place outside their house in Kashmir’s Bandipora vicinity. According to the Congress Party, the attack on Wasim was “mindless and shameful”. According to BJP’s National General Secretary, Ram Madhav’s tweet, the incident left him “shocked and saddened”.

Nevertheless, the irony of this whole attack is the reaction of the Indian Leaders on the attack. They are unable to understand the role of reaction that has come from a man who might have lost a family member in Kashmir. Kashmir issue is near unsolvable, and it seems like an on-going thing. A thing that might continue till the next decade or so. Yet, innocents are being killed in the warzone, and are losing everything they have.

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