Celebrities react to the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Celebs give their opinion on the conflict

Celebrities react to the Ukraine conflict by taking to social media and showing solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine.

Many of them have also used their online presence to condemn Russia for its aggression against Ukraine. Others have taken to social media, calling for peace and urged both sides to show restraint.

Here are just some example of tweets highlighting celebrity reactions to the Ukraine conflict.

American pop singer Miley Cyrus expressed her solidarity with Ukraine. She took to Twitter to express the warm reception she got when went to Kiev to shoot for a music video.

Actor and Singer Jared Leto also took to Twitter to share his sentiments about the conflict. He shared his love and support to all his friends and families who are caught up in the conflict.

The Hulk himself Mark Ruffalo tweeted his support for the people of Ukraine while condemning the actions of Russia.

Rapper Cardi B also expressed her opinion on the Ukraine conflict and it has gotten a lot of likes on Twitter.

Among the celebrity reactions to the Ukraine Conflict, some were that of Pakistani celebs themselves. One such prominent tweet was that from singer Momina Mustehsan.

For her the conflict hits closer to home as she spent half a decade of her life in Ukraine. She tweeted her solidarity with the Ukrainian public and wished for an end to the gruesome conflict.

Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai expressed her support for Ukraine while condemning the Russian government.

Actresses Armeena Khan and Ushna Shah also expressed their solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their tweets.


As celebrities react to the Ukraine conflict, the situation in the Eastern European nation continues to deteriorate.

Over 137 people have died since the country was invaded by Russia yesterday. Many Ukrainians are taking shelter in the subways of major cities such as Kiev.

The conflict has elicited widespread condemnation from Western governments who have levied sanctions against Russia.

While the situation continues to get worst, we can only hope for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine during this dire time.

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