Robert Pattinson opens up about being the new Batman

The Twilight star says that he is living his childhood dream

Robert Pattinson opens up about playing the new Batman at the red carpet event for the movie in London.

Pattinson discusses how the entire experience of playing Batman is quite surreal. He stated that throughout his childhood, he always cosplayed as Batman. Which is why, for him to play the new Batman is quite unbelievable.

The actor will follow in the footsteps of other iconic actors who have portrayed the role of Batman. These include the likes of Adam West, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck.

Robert Pattinson also discussed how it was such an honor for him to be in the same category as these legends. He said, “I mean the legacy of the actors who played (Batman), they’ve all been such massive parts of my life and my interest in film and why I wanted to be an actor in the first place.”

Robert Pattinson

He further went on to say that he loved watching Adam West play the role of Batman when he was young.

During the red carpet event, director Matt Reeves talked about his experience about making the film.

He said, “There are great Batman movies and it’s a character that everyone loves … so for me, you don’t approach it without a heavy dose of terror.”

Reeves also said “In certain ways, it’s a psychological horror movie, it’s a thriller, it’s a serial killer movie and it’s also a kind of a grand love story.”

Robert Pattinson

The news of Robert Pattinson playing the new Batman has polarized audiences worldwide. While some were more positive, other reacted quite negatively to the news of him playing the new Batman.

As the new Batman movie is set to release on March 1, we are hopeful that Pattinson lives up to the mark.

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