Celebrities take to social media to thank senator Faisal Javed Khan

Celebs show their gratitude to the senator

Celebrities across the entertainment fraternity offer their thanks to senator Faisal Javed Khan on social media.

This is due to the fact that the senate passed a bill that states that artists should be payed royalties. A bill that was introduced by Faisal Javed Khan himself.

Faisal Javed Khan

For those, who are confused about what “royalties” are, its pretty simple. It is the amount paid to the artist when the project they work on gets reused.

The passing of the new bill sparked massive jubilations on social media. Many of the film industry’s greatest have expressed their happiness over the bill being passed.

Here are just some of the tweets from your favorite celebrities;

The news is highly welcomed as it shows the importance given to rightfully rewarding artist’s for their creativity. We hope that such progressive decisions will be made by the senate in the near future.

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