Here are the best pancake places in Karachi for you to try out

Places that serve up some amazing pancakes

If you are a pancake lover, then this article is for you. We highlight all the best pancake places in Karachi for you to explore.

These places offer the sweetest and most delicious pancakes that you will ever find. If you are looking to start your morning on a sweeter note, then you must certainly give these places a must visit.

So, without any further delays, lets take a look at which are the best pancake places in Karachi;

1) Offering the best coffee and pancakes in Karachi, Café FLOC.

Not only does this place offer the best aromatic coffee in town but they also serve some killer pancakes as well.

Café FLOC serves up some wide array of delicious pancakes for you to try. One of their best sellers is their Loaded Pancakes.

These pancakes come with coconut cream, pineapples, candied walnuts and ice cream. Thus, making them highly delectable.

You can also have these pancakes alongside a cup of hot chocolate to further enhance the dining experience. They also offer the classic American Pancakes that come with maple syrup drizzled all over it.

If sweet and tasty pancakes are what your looking for then Café FLOC is the best place for you. They truly are one of the best pancake places in town.

2) Yummy and delicious pancakes only at Café Chatterbox.

If you are looking for the best pancakes in Karachi, then look no further then Café Chatterbox.

Served with some honeycomb, coconut pudding, maple syrup, granola and fresh fruits, these pancakes are a delight for any pancake lover.

They even offer a wide range of coffee that can help balance the sweet taste you get with these pancakes. If your looking to start your day with a sweet dose of pancakes, then head over to Café Chatterbox.

3) Start your mornings with some of the sweetest pancakes in town, only at Café Aylanto

There is no place that offers such a diverse range of delicious sweet treats quite like Café Aylanto. From cakes to pies, they have it all.

They also offer a wide range of sweet dessert options as a part of their breakfast menu. This includes Ricotta Pancakes that are served with bananas and honey comb butter.

best pancake places in Pakistan

A bite of this scrumptious pancake and you will be in absolute heaven. The soft and fluffy taste of the pancake accompanied with the sweet honey taste makes this dish divine.

It also makes it one of the best pancakes in Karachi in terms of sheer taste. So, if you are planning to explore the city for some tasty pancakes, then head over to Café Aylanto.

4) Some of the best organic pancakes in town, only at N’eco’s Café

If you are looking for a more healthier option, then N’eco’s Café is the place for you.

They offer you some of the best organic food in town that offer both impeccable taste and lots of health benefits.

best pancake places in Karachi

As part of their breakfast menu, they offer whole-wheat and organic pancakes that are both healthy and tasty. You can also add any topping of your choosing to your pancakes. The toppings range from vanilla ice cream to apple, raisin and cinnamon compote.

The fresh and candied taste of these pancakes makes it one of the best pancakes in Karachi. If you too have an immense sugar rush, then head over now to N’eco’s Café.

5) Mouthwatering and saccharine pancakes only at Mews. 

It is no surprise that one of the best breakfast joints in town also serves up some delicious pancakes as well.

Mews brand of pancakes are extremely flavorful and are delight for any pancake lover to have. There are two types of pancakes that they offer.

best pancake places in the world

One is the Ricotta Pancakes that is served alongside sliced bananas, pancake syrup and their very own honeycomb butter. The other is their highly popular Red Velvet Pancakes that is served with a drizzle of cream cheese sauce.

Regardless of which one you choose, they both offer the same impactful flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. If your looking for places that offer the best pancake places in Karachi, then Mews is the place to be. Their brand of pancakes are just too irresistibly good.

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