Amna Ilyas stuck in controversy over her bold photoshoot

The model is once again embroiled in controversy

Amna Ilyas’s controversial photoshoot has led to her being subjected to massive hate online from the masses.

The model/actress has been known for being in the limelight for her bold choice of fashion. A decision that has always led to her being scrutinized online by the masses.

Amna Ilyas's controversial photoshoot

While Ilyas has called out the public for their relentless abuse towards her, it has not done much to deter the hate. In fact, it has once again resurfaced following her latest photoshoot.

The latest photoshoot, which was uploaded to Ilyas’s Instagram, sees the actress donning a stunning maroon gown. The dress has a slide slit which revealed her legs.

The overall look of the outfit had led to many on social media bashing the actress for her choice of dress. Here are just some of the cruel and hurtful comments that she has received;

Unfortunately, many actresses and models have been victims of moral policing and slut shaming in the past. From Ayesha Omar to Saba Qamar, no one is spared by the wrath of our masses. While Mansha Pasha has called out such people for their hypocrisy, it has not done much to change people’s ways.

Regardless of how one feels about Amna Ilyas’s controversial photoshoot, one thing is for certain. It is not ok to berate and demean another person for the clothing that they wear.

Sadly, it will take a long time before there is a change in the attitudes and mindsets of our fellow citizens. Until then, these acts of moral policing towards our female celebrities will continue to occur.

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