6 Skincare Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Skincare is becoming an important part of everyone's life now with more focus on having better skin than good makeup. Here is are 6 common skincare myths.

Are you also like the rest of us looking for a way to get perfectly smooth, healthy and glowy skin? Are you also incorporating every real-sounding advice in your skincare routine?

Yes, every piece of advice you hear may not be true and many of these have been debunked by several studies, experiences and dermatologists.

Well, here is a myth check for you to know what you are doing is actually working or not.

1. Organic skincare products are better for your skin and has no side effects 

They may have fewer side effects but they do have side effects and many products may not even be as organic and chemical-free as claimed by the company. Natural products may contain essential oils and/or botanicals which can leave the skin irritated.


2. Eye Creams are useless 

As Dr Sobel said “An eye cream can have many benefits if it contains the right ingredients and is formulated for your specific skin concerns. If your concern is dark circles or puffiness due to fatigue, an eye cream with caffeine can definitely help control inflammation and make your under eyes appear brighter. However, caffeine alone won’t do the trick, and it should be combined with soothing, hydrating, and brightening ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and retinol, as the combination, can eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles, and help give the skin an overall youthful appearance.”


3. Hot Water is good for your skin 

Hot water can make your skin dry out and can cause irritation and skin conditions like Eczema. And that’s why many skincare enthusiasts incorporate ice facials, in which they rub ice all over their face to lock in the moisture.


4. Chocolate causes acne 

Phew! This one may be the best news you have received today but it’s true. Chocolate is not the reason for your acne however that does not mean you go down for a chocolate marathon because while chocolate may not cause acne but a lot of sugar in your diet is not amazing for your skin and may cause conditions like acne, however, you can have a bit of chocolate.

Acne and Chocolate

5. You don’t have to wear sunscreens on days where there is no sun 

If you believe and practice this, I’m sorry but this may be the root cause of most of your skin problems. Around 80% of harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun can pass through clouds and penetrate your skin even on cloudy and even rainy days. So no matter what, never skip sunscreen from your skincare routine. And wear sunscreen outdoors and indoors.


6. Pores don’t open and close 

Yes, we have all heard this sentence: warm water opens pores and cold water close pores. But this is nothing but a myth. While pores may tighten and loosen by some conditions like steam and ice facial, they don’t open and close and your pores will stay the same size as they were, however, you can reduce their appearance with some remedies.


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