Chayee Khana opens in Karachi

Chaaye Khana is Islamabad’s top rated chai café. This café is a tribute to  famous late poet and writer Hafeez Jhalandrhi. It has an indoor sitting and is located at Chota Bukhari i.e Bukhari Commercial. With a homely ambiance and a separate cigar lounge, Chaaye Khana is the perfect place to sit and have a conversation with your friends and loved ones.

The opening of Chaaye Khana in Karachi has remained quite successful as we can tell this by how crowded it is even on week days. It is a perfect place to reserve a spot and write poetry in a peaceful environment.

Last night, I had the opportunity to visit Chaaye Khana with a couple of friends. We ordered Lime fizz , Pasta and Parmesan chicken for dinner and had their Potato croquettes as starter. The Pasta was ordinary but the Parmesan chicken was quite delicious and had thick creamy cheese to it. We also tried their special Elaichi green tea which had a tremendous elaichi scent to it and tasted divine.

All we have got to say is, you must pay a visit atleast once to this cafe with your family or friends.

By Mariam Kazi