Citrus Talent Issued Legal Notice to Iqra Aziz (Actor)

Via @Fahad Hussain – Citrus Talent

Legal Notice issued to Iqra Aziz (Actor):

My lawyer has served a legal notice on Ms. Iqra Aziz as she breached the Talent Exclusivity Agreememt dated 14 June 2017 and bypassed Citrus Talent by locking an ad through Ms. Maida Azmat of Mint PR and Image Consultancy. This was done despite the fact that Iqra and Maida were repeatedly reminded about the contractual obligations of Iqra towards Citrus Talent. The said legal notice has been served on other individuals, including Ms. Maida Azmat of Mint PR and Image Consultancy for for tortious interferance and inducing Iqra Aziz to breach exclusivity contract.

Its disappointing to know that someone like Iqra can cheat us like this for greed.

– Iqra was introduced to me by the hair and makeup artist, Waqar Hussain, in November 2012 who she met at a shoot as an extra. Later she came and met with me and I took her on board and LONG before her career even picked up. After considerable effort on our part to pitch her, she did her first project through Citrus Talent.
(A list of the 30 ad campaigns she did through Citrus Talent is attached).

– After taking her on board, I personally tried my best to groom her and get her the right projects so that she can support her family. For years Iqra was like a family to me and my staff and she used to refer to us as bhai and also told people how we helped her in her career.
(A video of her telling people how she has done a lot of ads and dramas through Citrus Talent that is available on various internet sites is attached).

– I totally respect hard working women and its a known fact that Citrus Talent has always gone an extra mile to help and guide people and give them a direction. The photo I am sharing (Attached) is taken from a public instagram account of Iqra Aziz as I would never want to invade any woman’s privacy as I respect women a lot and this post is to show how Iqra herself admitted that we are the best talent agency (Check hashtag).

– Iqra Aziz signed an 8 page long contract with Citrus Talent on 14th June 2017 and the contract which she had read carefully and signed on all pages at her own free will is still with us. The contract only granted Citrus Talent exclusive rights to represent Iqra Aziz for all engagement, bookings, etc. for television commercials and print shoots for products. This exclusive right was against Citrus Talent for all the effort it puts in to groom, project and promote Iqra Aziz which is a fair bargain since Citrus Talent charges only a small commission from the amount paid to the talent for appearing in the TVC and print shoot. Citrus Talent never charged her a penny for the tv serials she got through the agency’s contacts.

– Citrus Talent would have never taken such a step if she had not betrayed our trust. Even if she had an opportunity to work on a project directly or through someone, all she had to do was call me herself and discuss.

– Maida Azmat, who is the head of Mint PR and Image Consultancy who I thought was a dear friend betrayed me to line her own pockets. She lured Iqra Aziz into signing on for a TVC for Nestle Milkpak through Mint PR without even informing me, let alone taking an approval from Citrus Talent.
(Message sent to Maida informing her that Iqra is exclusively signed with Citrus Talent for tv ads sent on 28th April is attached).

– Maida was informed about the exclusivity on Friday the 28th of April but still she went ahead with shooting the ad with Iqra on Wednesday the 2nd of May. This clearly indicates that Maida knew before the actual shoot that Iqra was in a contract with us but never informed me that she was getting her an ad, instead she kept asking me for the contract copy which fortunately or unfortunately got a little delayed and I found out that they both had hidden the facts from me.

– I know some people might think that this is some sort of personal agenda. What they do not understand is that Iqra has been working with me long before her career even picked up and Citrus Talent introduced even introduced her to Mahesh from Hum TV and asked him to give her a chance is dramas as she is super talented.
(Poster of her first drama is attached)

– I am extremely hurt and disappointed because Iqra was someone I always treated like a little sister who met me as a 15 year old girl who is turning 21 this year. Citrus Talent always supported her and many a times made payments to her in advance out of our pockets as she needed the money for personal needs even when the actual payment was not made to us for months, which we did against our company policy.

– Not even once did Iqra call me during this time to discuss this issue whereas she earlier used to message me every now and then for advice on various things like how to make her social media more active, what project to do or not do etc.

– Citrus Talent has been the leading talent agency of Pakistan for over a decade now and not even once have I ever been betrayed like this by anyone, nor has anyone ever breached a contract. Even big names in the media route their projects through me despite there being no exclusivity arrangement with them and all that is done because I am committed to giving every talent my best to manage, project and promote them. This is how I have made a name for myself and Citrus Talent.

– This clearly shows how one can be blinded by greed and forget everything you have done for him/her all these years.

Now that you all know the real facts, you decide who is right and who is wrong.

P.S: From now on I wont create any more monsters. Be sincere or dont bother!