Coiffure Services

  1. What is the ideology behind Coiffure Services?

 Karachi is a busy city, with everyone rushing to get their work done. Coiffure Services is a one stop beauty solution for all the ladies with busy lifestyles. Our customers are stay at home moms, newly wed wives, students, working ladies and everyone who wants to save themselves from the hassle of getting ready, getting stuck in the traffic, going to a salon, wait for their turn, bear all the hustle bustle of a salon and then finally head home.  We provide professional, hygienic and safe salon services all over Karachi, from 10: 30 am to 9:00 pm. You can be located anywhere from Defence to Gulshan or as far as Safoora Goth – our stylists will be at your place providing you the best of salon services at the comfort of your home.


  1. How long has it been functioning?

This year we will be Insha’Allah celebrating our 3rd year with Coiffure Services with over 1500+ customers and our expert team.


  1. What’s the response been like? What’s your clientele strength like now?

The response is amazing. Initially when we started we were wondering on what the response would be like but we were surprised to see our phone nonstop ringing and our stylists doing back to back appointments in the first month only. Today, Alhumdulilah on an average we pull of 190 appointments in a month’s time. During Eid season our team of stylist also goes up to serving 5 to 6 appointments in day.


  1. Your range of services include?

We offer a wide range of services that any typical salon offers from grooming services (waxing, pedicures, manicures, facials, threading) to body services such as body massages and body scrubs and hair treatments to fabulous haircuts!


  1. What’s your most popular service or hottest selling deal? Is it your specialty as well?

 Our most popular services are no doubt are our grooming services including our body wax, manicure and pedicure. Clients also love our facials, our whitening facial ranges are also quite popular. So far our most popular deal is of Rs.4200 comprising of whitening facial, whitening manicure whitening pedicure whitening face polish, hands and feet polish. This particular deal sells like hot cakes during peak Eid and wedding seasons. There is of course a seasonal impact as well. During the wedding season everyone wants makeup appointments!


  1. The one daily summer makeup and skincare tip you swear by and would like to share with us?

This year is all about natural look and fresh looking skin, so ditch those heavy foundation creams and contouring kits and invest in your skin! Keep your skin moisturized. Buy a good face lotion and apply it every time you wash your face. Second thing to be on your face should be a really good sunblock. Whether you are indoor or outdoor, make sunblock your best friend and carry it everywhere with you.


  1. And a hair care tip too, that works wonders in your books..!

Your hair need nourishment and food just like you do. If you can’t feed your hair thrice in a day do it minimum thrice in a week. Majority of Pakistani hair is thick and coarse in nature and the weather acts as a brutal enemy towards our hair. It brings out the worse in our hair, maybe this is why so many women turn to hair straightening treatments. At Coiffure, we do not perform hair straightening procedures because we know how harmful they are for your hair in the long run. And when we say it, you have to believe us, no matter what the nature of your hair is they can be tamed. Try natural sulfate free shampoos having ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil and keratin.  Homemade masks are the best such as mayonnaise, eggs and coconut oil and if you have the budget get hair mask and leave it on your hair for 20 minutes every Sunday. You will soon see the difference!


  1. How is running Coiffure Services any different from running a regular walk-in salon? What are the challenges and advantages like in comparison for you as an entrepreneur?

Coiffure is very different from any regular salon since we do not have any psychical salon. In fact it is the other way round as we bring the salon to you at the comfort of your home. The idea is entirely different, while it sounds inspiring to many people, it is also full of challenges. In a city like Karachi, running operations such as Coiffure, where your stylist and product is always on the road is the biggest risk to us. Of course there are other factors as well. The traffic in the city is something which is out of our control. While we aim for punctuality it is not always possible. We are glad that with time, clients have understood the dynamics of our business and cooperate with us if we get late to an appointment due to some unforeseen circumstances.


  1. What has been the best review from a client like to date?

We can’t say there is one particular review that is close to our heart. We get most happy to serve clients that really need our services. I remember only last week, a bride called us full hysterical as her makeup artist had walked out on her on the day of her wedding and she couldn’t find another one. We booked her appointment and our makeup artist was at her place in as less as two hours. The next day she called us full of gratitude. Like this, sometimes we feel we our superheroes taking women out of their miseries, women always end up calling us at the last moment, they have an urgent flight – they need the services, husband is coming from abroad – they need the services, kids have exams and they can’t leave home – they need the services and so on.


  1. What are the new treats we can expect Coiffure to bring to our doorsteps this year over special occasions like Eid for example?

We are always aiming at introducing a new range of services that are clients would love. In the past we received amazing response when we introduced Dead Sea body mask and gold body scrub. Later, looking at the response we launched our body wrap sessions. We are already working on increasing our facial ranges and introducing facials of brands like Dermalogica and Guinot. We are also looking into micro blading and how it can be successfully carried out at homes.


11.How do clients book appointments with Coiffure Services?

Clients can easily book an appointment with us by calling us or Whatsapping us on +92 322 2266764 or they can drop us a message on We also have a website that has activated chat on it. Clients can easily come on our website and have a direct chat with one of our representatives.