Coke studio Season 11 unveiled its Episode 4

Directed and produced by Zohaib Kazi and Ali Hamza, Coke Studio Season 11, Pakistan’s biggest and leading music platform has released its Episode 4 named Gulistan on Friday 31st August 2018. This episode gives us a chance to encounter a rollercoaster ride of various feelings.


The first track of this episode is Aatish, sung by super-talented, Shuja Haider and spirited vocalist, Aima Baig, composed by Shuja Haider. Aatish, a classical love melody, is the blend of adoration, happiness, and agony.

‘Aatish’ is a song focusing more on “love”. This song holds our attention with its ebullient beat and the whimsical melody. With the rhythmic breaks as it’s highlighting feature, the music transforms into funk pop symphony creating a fitting atmosphere for the footprint of love.

As Shuja Haider sings charmingly, Aima Baig compliments the musical tale by hitting the fiery notes. From now on, this romantic love melody has been a part of our playlist in a matter of moments.

Furthermore, Aima Baig believes that Aatish can be called as the teenagers’ new obsession! The melody discusses loving the wrong individuals and how it penetrates your personality with sadness and misery.
Shuja Haider says,” Aatish isn’t a song, it’s a story of every heart beating in this world.”

Nami Danam

The second track of this season, Nami Danam performed by the Karachi-based band of four, Chand Tara Orchestra (CTO) ‘ is an inventive post-rock go on the Persian kalaam by Khwaja Usman Harooni.

This track joins an organic sound and is loaded up with the sentimentality of mid 90’s grunge rock tone. The powerful chemistry within the band is surfaced when the chordal changes by Omran “Momo” Shafique are smoothly complimented by Babar Sheik’s own arrangement of included drive utilizing the incredible DS-2 pedal alongside the emotive vocals of Sherry and the translucent sound of the harmonica by Rizwanullah.



Mahi Aaja

The last track of this episode, Mahi Aaja, flawlessly sung by Asim Azhar and Momina Mustehsan, is without a doubt a treat to your senses! As depicted by the artists, “Mahi Aaja” is a melody of the purest type of love, care, and concern.

Everything about ‘Mahi Aaja’ stirs the bittersweet memories of our first heartbreak. Penned at the age of 17, Asim Azhar’s original composition finds just the right blend with Momina Mustehsan’s lithe delivery. It has conveyed a warm and nostalgic soundscape of longing and emotions.

A pop electronic ballet, Mahi Aaja has a new modern arrangement, as the sound of glowing synthesizers levels the stage to appease one’s beloved. The muted funk guitar and electronic drum beat supply texture to the rhythmic chorus.

Winding with earnest lyrical structure, Asim and Momina’s vocal harmonies reap a lasting chemistry.

With this new-modern course arrangement of the melody, this dynamic couple is certain to win your hearts once more!

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