Conflict Resolution: A Necessity in Today’s World

With over 7 billion people and 7 billion different opinions, there is bound to be conflict at one point or another. We must adopt conflict resolution.

As the population rises, so do the number of opinions and perspectives. Each person has their distinct opinion and it is not necessary to be the same as the next one, which leaves them in a situation of conflict. Making us realize how important it is to adopt effective conflict resolution strategies to be able to have happy and healthy relationships.

Conflict is normally known as the act of disagreement or argument between individuals, states, or anyone. Conflict can either be when you disagree with another individual, or it could be when you are incompatible with another person. Two individuals who are at variance with each other or at clash are known to be in a state of conflict. As the number of conflicts arises, the need to instill conflict resolution becomes imminent.

Types of Conflicts

Moreover, conflict is a wide term which contains many different types, to apply effective conflict resolution techniques, you must figure out the type of your conflict:

  • Man vs. Man: disagreements or clashes between two people who could be acquaintances, lovers, friends, etc.
  • Man vs. Nature: a natural conflict between an individual and the environment such as the occurrences of natural disasters.
  • Man vs. Self: this is probably something every person has gone through at one point or another. Conflict within themselves, the fight with our inner demons such as fear, self-doubt, self-destructive tendencies, etc.
  • Man vs. Society: the conflict between an individual and the society and its social codes, struggle to follow social norms.
  • Man vs. Supernatural: the conflict between man and other supernatural creatures or paranormal activity.
  • Man vs. Technology: the conflict between people and new inventions. As technology advances, some of us are unable to keep up with it leaving us behind and in open conflict with technology.

Strategies for Resolution

Conflict resolution is a necessary phenomenon if you wish to lead a healthy and happy life. It is almost too good to be true that you never disagree with anyone, or that you’ve never witnessed conflict in your life whether that is in your home, your workplace, etc.

The first thing you should be prepared to do when deciding upon conflict resolution is to listen. It is imperative that you listen to the other person’s point of view, be patient, and ready to understand their issues. Once you have listened to their side of the story, you must identify the problem and focus on the specific issues of conflict and view them as an opportunity to grow rather than a setback.

There are 5 strategies that you should adopt for efficient conflict resolution:

  • Avoid the situation: if the matter is comparatively minor and can be side-lined, then it is best to avoid.
  • Accommodate the opposition: sometimes it is best to be the bigger person and accommodate your opposition if it is just.
  • Compromise: when you are in a position of power and agreeing to certain terms will not make you lose much; it is okay to compromise and achieve a good strategy for conflict resolution.
  • Collaborate: probably the best method for conflict resolution is to collaborate with the opposition party and come to a joint decision on how to handle and solve matters.

Conflict resolution has become a necessity today, instead of taking everything in a negative light and being hot-headed about certain situations; we must change our attitudes and be willing to adjust. We must analyze and acknowledge our conflicts, and then come up with effective policies to tackle them.

Conflict resolution is the goal of a peaceful life.

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