COVID-19 Leads German Minister to Commit Suicide

Due to the rising COVID-19 pandemic and its negative impact on economy, the Finance Minister for the German state of Hesse has allegedly committed suicide. If you need help, find some of the Suicide Prevention Initiatives in the article.

It was reported on Sunday (March 29) that Thomas Schaefer, the Minister for Finance in the German State of Hesse had committed suicide due to the rising COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy. He was found dead near a railway track.

The Wiesbaden Prosecution, as well as the Police, believes that German State Minister’s death was a suicide given the statements of the witnesses, along with their own observations of the scene.

State Premier Volker Bouffier

The State Premier, Volker Bouffier, said in a recorded statement that Schaefer had been extremely worried about the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. He also added, “we are in shock, we are in disbelief, and above all we are immensely sad.”

Schaefer had been Hesse’s Minister of Finance for over a decade now, and was working “day and night” to assist companies and workers in handling the economic impact of COVID-19. He was believed to be the possible successor of Bouffier.


Suicide Prevention Initiatives in Pakistan

Seeing that most of us are cooped up inside the whole day, it can sometimes be difficult to deal with our own demons. There are many initiatives in Pakistan that we can get in touch with to help us deal with our dark days, because it is important to speak up.

1. Umang

Their services include a 24/7 helpline giving emergency counselling by clinical psychologists over the phone, provision of counselling over texts, and psychoeducation. They have a panel full of experts in dealing with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, phobias, grief, PTSD and other psychological disorders.

They are located in DHA Lahore, and their contact details can be found here.

2. Sukh Chan Club

MIND Organisation inaugrated a Suicide Prevention Helpline at Sukh Chan Club in 2011. About 22 psychologists had participated in their Suicide Prevention Helpline Skill Development Workshop, and gave positive feedback.

Their helpline number is 042-35761999. 

3. Roohbaru

Roohbaru wants to create a widely available and affordable platform to improve the mental health of people in Pakistan. They aim to raise awareness on mental illnesses and the stigmas associated with them, and to help individuals understand and manage their mental health through the support and guidance of qualified professionals.

Their services include: assessment of well-being (Self-Assessments), access to informative material relevant to psychology and well-being, engagement with community members for sharing experiences (Rooh Chat), and online consultation with counselors for free and paid sessions with psychiatrists and experienced psychologists (Seek Therapy).

Please find out more details about Roohbaru here.


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