Cross-Examination Reveals Iffat Can’t Recall Harassment on Meesha

Iffat Omar during her cross-examination in the court said that she doesn't remember details of the alleged incidents of sexual harassment on Meesha Shafi.

Model Iffat Omar during her cross-examination in the court on Tuesday said that although singer Meesha Shafi had informed her about the two alleged incidents of sexual harassment, she does not, however, remember the exact details of the occurrences.

“It is correct that I was not present on the occasion when the alleged incidents of sexual harassment took place. I don’t remember as to who was present when Meesha told me about the incidents, but I was present at Meesha’s mother’s house [when informed of it],” said Iffat Omar during her cross-examination by the counsel for actor and singer Ali Zafar, who has faced charges of sexual harassment on Meesha Shafi.

The cross-examination was administered by Additional District and Sessions Judge Imtiaz Ahmad, who is seized with a defamation suit of Zafar. The counsel for Shafi was also present in the court.

Responding to the queries of the prosecution’s counsel, Iffat Omar said Meesha had told her that the first alleged incident took place during a jamming session and the second one at Ali Zafar’s in-laws’ house.

The model said Meesha Shafi could explain as to why she and her husband were present at Ali Zafar’s birthday gathering despite after the alleged incidents of sexual harassment occurred.

Moreover, she denied having come across any female who has made false accusations of sexual harassment against someone and initiated a defamatory campaign.

To a query about the allegations of rape brought forth by US blogger, Cynthia D. Ritchie against the former prime minister, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and former interior minister, Rehman Malik, Iffat Omar admitted that in a video she had said that Ms Ritchie started a defamatory campaign against the two politicians. She also admitted having said that Ms Ritchie’s allegations of sexual harassment and rape were false and political stunts. She said it was correct that Ritchie, being a woman, falsely made serious allegations against Gilani and Malik.

The prosection’s counsel Umar Tariq Gill played the video clip featuring Iffat Omar before posing his query to the witness.

In response to another query about a case of alleged sexual harassment involving actor Omair Rana, the witness said she did not make any statement in support of the female students because they did not come forward publically to accuse the actor.

“It is incorrect to say that my opinion as to who is right and who is wrong, especially viz-a-viz Ali Zafar and Meesha, Omair Rana and students, Cynthia and Rehman Malik – Yousuf Raza Gilani is based on my personal likes and dislikes,” Iffat Omar said.

“I agree if a false allegation is made by a woman against any person, then she is damaging the case of real victims,” Omar added.

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