Cyberattacks Against W.H.O. Rise

WHO's Chief Security Information Officer stated that the hackers are still unidentified, although the attempts of cyberattacks were unsuccessful. 

Over the last month, officials have claimed that the cyberattacks by hackers have doubled. W.H.O.’s Chief Security Information Officer, Flavio Aggio, stated that the hackers are still unidentified, although the cyberattack attempts were unsuccessful.

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Alexander Urbelis

It was first flagged by Alexander Urbelis, a cybersecurity expert and attorney with the New York-based Blackstone Law Group. They track suspicious internet domain registration activities. According to Urbelis, he first picked up the cyberattack activity when a group of hackers he had been following for a while had activated a site that was mimicking the W.H.O. internal email system. Any messages that were sent to the hackers’ email addresses went unreturned.

While Urbelis didn’t know who the attackers were, two other sources told Reuters that they believed that it was the hacking group DarkHotel. They are known for running cyber-espionage operations since 2007. Cybersecurity firms in Romania and Russia have tracked DarkHotel in East Asia.

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Costin Raiu

One of these firms is Kaspersky, whose Head of Global Research and Analysis – Costin Raiu – could not confirm the involvement of DarkHotel. Raiu did, however, state that the same time of infrastructure was used to target other organisations related to healthcare and humanitarian work. This is due to people trying to find out any information for the cure, which would be priceless at this stage. The hackers wish to capitalise on the pandemic.

Urbelis further stated that around 2000 malicious websites related to coronavirus were being established everyday.


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